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Electrical Engineering

You can study how to make big dreams become reality—in the areas of alternative energy, wireless communications, electronic surveillance, computing technology, and semiconductor devices—in Wright State’s electrical engineering program. The demand for competent electrical engineers is very strong. You can work in power systems, transportation, wireless communications, medical devices, home entertainment, sensors, and more. Earn your Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees or complete both undergraduate and graduate work in a five-year span in our 4+1 program. Then, go on to pursue your Ph.D. at Wright State. Or, just add a minor to your existing major.

What we offer

Controls Systems Minor

DSP/Wireless Minor

Electronics Minor

Microwave Minor

Digital VLSI (DigiVLSI), Graduate Certificate

Power Electronics, Graduate Certificate

RF and Microwave (RFMW), Graduate Certificate

Radio Frequency Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design (RF), Graduate Certificate

Sensor Signal & Image Processing (SSIP), Graduate Certificate

Wireless Communication and Networking Certificate