Photo of a trio of recruiters at Digital Mixer

  • Hire career employee candidates for full-time, permanent positions
  • Hire students with field-related majors for co-ops and internships
  • Hire student employees in part-time, off-campus, generalist positions

Our services for employers include:

  • Online job posting in The Wright Search
  • Online review of candidate résumés in The Wright Search
  • A flexible co-op and internship program
  • On-campus interviewing
  • Special events
  • Employer-sponsored luncheons for key influencers
  • Collaboration responding to your workforce needs

Wright State Majors

Find the job candidates you need, with your choice of more than 100 academic programs.


Employer Stories

Photo of Cathy Ponitz, Executive Director, Care Source Foundation.

CareSource, a managed care company in Dayton, Ohio, contacted Career Services in 2009 for assistance in developing an internship program.  Learn how the process worked . . .