Career exploration is full of choices, the start of a lifetime Career Journey - discovering yourself, choosing your major and career, sampling your career choice, planning your career path, and re-evaluating your options.

    The Career Center offers assistance and guidance with your Career Journey, through assessment, resources and individual advising.

    Wright State University students and alumni will find additional resources in the Resource Library, after completing and submitting their Profile with the Career Center Login.

    The Career Journey

    Which part of the Career Journey?


    Discover Yourself
    A grey compass with the needle pointing north.

    • Before you begin making choices, develop a solid understanding of who you are.
    • Discover your interests, values, personality traits and more.

    Find a Route
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    • To find a fit, explore majors and careers through information gathering.
    • Get involved on campus with groups, activities, student employment, research, service learning and civic engagement to develop interpersonal and work skills.
    • Participate in study abroad to enrich and diversify your experience.
    • Pursue coursework with career goals in mind.

    Take a Test Drive
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    • Go into the real-world environment of careers that might fit, using informational interviews, job shadowing, co-ops and internships, volunteering.

    Follow Your Map
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    • Decide on career options that do fit.
    • Create a map to guide you to your goal.
    • Choose career-building experiences and develop a strategic plan for your job search.

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    • The Career Journey is not always a linear or forward path. At any time, you can make changes and create a new map.