• Unclear about your interests, values, or skills?
  • Trying to choose an academic major? 
  • Uncertain about your career direction?
  • Just having a hard time getting started?

A Lifelong Process

Career exploration is an ongoing, lifelong process.
Professionals at all stages of life and success determine next steps by evaluating their:

  • evaluating their interests, values, skills, and preferences
  • researching the marketplace to identify opportunities for a career fit
  • making informed choices
  • implementing their decisions

Learn the 5 steps to effective career decisions (PDF)

Compete the TypeFocus career assessment

Wright State Majors, Minors, & More

  1. Review Wright State Academic Majors to learn what academic preparation is available at Wright State University.
  2. Review the requirements of your desired major.
  3. Connect with an academic advisor in the selected department, who can guide you in developing a plan for completing your courses in a timely manner.
  4. With the advisor's assistance, identify a list of prerequisites and required courses.
  5. Plan to take courses in the appropriate sequence.
  6. Supplement your academic preparation with related co-ops, internships, research, student employment, volunteer activities, publications, presentations.