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Vendor Forms

  • In accordance with Internal Revenue Service and State of Ohio regulations, the Accounts Payable Department is required to obtain this form for all businesses and individuals to whom the university makes payments .
  • OPERS Independent Contractor Acknowledgment Form (PDF)
    This form is to be completed by an individual who begins providing personal services to a public employer on or after Jan. 7, 2013, but are not considered by the public employer to be a public employee and will not have contributions made to OPERS. This form must be completed not later than 30 days after an individual begins providing personal services to the public employer.
  • Independent Employee Questionnaire (PDF)
    This form aids in the classification of a possible employee or independent contractor. This form should be completed a minimum of two weeks before the anticipated start date in order to ascertain the correct classification of payee (employee vs independent contractor).
  • Form W-8BEN (PDF)
    Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding.

Miscellaneous Forms