New Employee Onboarding


The HR department recognizes that a more defined onboarding process would create more efficient use of HR staff and allow for better communication with new employees. A mandatory orientation would:

  • allow employees to make more informed benefits decisions
  • reduce the time HR spends on one-on-one orientation meetings
  • increase HR’s and other campus departments’ ability to meet employee needs (immediate access to email, parking pass, UIDs, etc.) through streamlined business processes

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

HR requests that the University implement a mandatory orientation for new employees and align hiring schedules so that new employees will attend orientation on their first scheduled day of work (e.g., first and third Mondays of each month), completing all necessary employment and benefit paper work at that time (estimated to generate a time savings of over 200 hours per year). HR will also develop follow-up communications to new employees to ensure that outstanding questions and/or needs are addressed. These combined processes will serve to establish a firm support relationship between the HR department and University employees.

Current Action Items

  1. Establish mandatory orientation for all new employees on a set schedule
  2. Develop a post-orientation communication plan for new employees to address outstanding questions or needs that may arise within the first weeks of employment

 Long Term Action Items

  1. Develop comprehensive onboarding initiative, in collaboration with other university stakeholders, focused on employee engagement and success

New Employee Onboarding Team

Cindy Schisler (Team Facilitator)
Beth Gisewite (Team Facilitator)
Phil Parrill
Jamie Henne
Mark Sheets
Rebecca Williams
Monica Mack