The HR department has identified automation development and support as an area that will provide immediate and significant positive effects on efficiency for both the department and the University community. This project/goal entails further development and support of current automated services as well as creation of new automated services for HR employees and clients (e.g., Banner module support, unused segments of Banner, personnel action forms, benefits open enrollment, etc.). Additional staffing will be necessary to create an HRIS team capable of implementing state-of-the-art automation processes while maintaining an optimal level of service to the University for its day-to-day needs.

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

Staffing will be provided for development and implementation of a robust automation program (1-2 FTE). These staff will be concentrated within the Human Resources Department while concurrently expanding support for the automation needs of the entire Business and Fiscal Affairs Division and to the University as a whole. The primary focus of the automation activities will be HR functions and processes as they relate to the needs of the university community.

Current Action Items

  1. Lead the establishment of automation priorities in collaboration with key stakeholders and develop corresponding completion plans
  2. Determine HRIS team staffing needs and begin recruitment

Long Term Action Items

  1. Determine Division-wide automation needs and team structure

Automation Team

Tony Whack (Team Facilitator)
Renee Diggs (Team Facilitator)