The Department of Financial and Business Operations closely examined how an effective and comprehensive communication plan would benefit the department in its interactions with internal and external stakeholders. At the most basic level, the university needs to have a clear understanding of which positions/employees hold responsibility for specific functions and tasks, enabling connections of the right people at the right time. Functionality of this communication mechanism would be dependent upon its upkeep, with an assurance that the information is kept up-to-date and accurate. On a higher level, the desire to push communication out to stakeholders in the form of news, initiatives, and updates was identified. Informed employees and stakeholders will feel more unified as a group and will be more likely to bring timely information and ideas and provide a higher level of support to continuous improvement efforts.

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

  • Financial and Business Operations will work with Human Resources, Computing and Telecommunications Services, Communications, and/or other departments to create an interactive automated organizational chart that includes responsibilities assigned to each position.
  • An intradepartmental listserv will be established to share updates between FBO offices
  • The department will design a newsletter to be distributed periodically to both internal and external stakeholders to share news and updates on initiatives.
  • Financial and Business Operations will seek other opportunities to create pride and unity within and among its offices.

Communication Team

Sarah Carpenter (Team Facilitator)
Cindy Norbut (Team Facilitator)
Tony Shreck
Kimberly Thomas