Professional Development


Facilities Management and Services understands the need for the continuing education of its employees. Professional development opportunities for all levels of FMS employees will help to improve job knowledge and performance. A better educated workforce will provide a higher level of service to the campus community and can equate to cost and time savings and increased employee engagement and retention.

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

A professional development team of 5-7 members will be established to coordinate professional development activities for FMS staff.  Ideally, the committee will include at least one member from each of the four units within the FMS department. Committee members’ terms will be staggered to provide continuity of knowledge and initiatives. The team will identify and communicate relevant training opportunities to employees. It will garner training funds when needed. The process of identifying employee needs and finding relevant training to address those needs will be an ongoing task of the professional development team, accomplished through employee surveys and market research.

Professional Development Team

Dan Monaghan (Team Facilitator)
Beth Stanze (Team Facilitator)
Michael Coyle
Steve Farrell