Note From the Vice President

photo of mark polatajkoThank you for visiting the Division of Business and Finance at Wright State University. Our four departments – Financial and Business Operations, Facilities Management and Services, Campus Auxiliary and Business Services, and Human Resources – serve the campus community by driving quality, value, and service. The University depends on Business and Finance for a wide variety of services ranging from careful stewardship of university funds to what to eat for lunch to safe navigation of the campus grounds. With our Divisional philosophy of Business and Finance as a service organization, we take all of these responsibilities and our many others to heart. We build and maintain the physical, financial, and human resource infrastructures that support the academic, student affairs, and community outreach goals of the university. With an eye to continuous improvement, we engage students, faculty, staff, and community partners for new ways to provide best-in-class service and catalyze innovation and progress at Wright State University.


Salmon stakes

Former Wright State professor Martin Davis launches business based on family recipe for smoked salmon.
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University Business magazine honors Wright State for being a ‘Model of Efficiency’

University Business magazine recognizes Wright State for its innovative approach in forming a Printing Services Consortium with two area colleges.
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Donated Boeing 727 to land at Wright State

Plane will be used as a STEM classroom as part of a collaborative involving Wright State, Clark State Community College and Beavercreek City Schools.
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A Bronx tale

Newspaper veteran Ray Marcano is helping the next generation of journalists by teaching digital media to Wright State students.
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