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Budgeting & Financial Planning

Personal budgeting and financial planning may sound like the same thing - but they aren't. Each represents a unique approach to the creation of a personal money management system.

Why should you care about budgeting and financial planning? There are two good reasons. First, a budget forces you to think of new ways to adjust your spending habits as your financial situation changes. Secondly, good budgeting habits help ramp up your thinking about money. Go to CashCourse to learn more about personal budgeting and financial planning.

Dealing with Debit and Credit Cards

In today’s digital world, carrying cash is becoming less of a necessity. You should, however, always keep a few $5 and $10 bills at the ready—what if the ATM breaks down?! In this cashless society, it is tempting to seek out alternate methods of paying for the things you need. This is especially true when you see so many of your friends carrying debit cards and credit cards.

The convenience offered by debit cards and credit cards is a strong lure. Part of your initiation into real-world money matters has to do with the balance you strike between traditional cash spending and the sometimes risky use of these plastic forms of money.  Go to CashCourse to find out more information on debit and credit cards.

Protecting your Credit

Maintaining a high credit score will earn you the respect of bankers, mortgage lenders, landlords, and potential employers. They will reward your responsible use of money with lower interest rates and attractive loan terms. When it comes time to buy a car or house, you’ll be glad you paid attention to the small habits that keep credit scores strong—such as paying credit card bills on time.

Your spending, borrowing, and even rent-paying behavior determines how your credit score may rise or fall on a continuing basis. The following links explore this subject in greater detail.  Go to CashCourse to find out how you can protect your credit.

Preventing Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission calls identity theft one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States and estimates that 9 million Americans become identity theft victims each year. Don’t be one of them!  Go to CashCourse to find out how you can prevent identity theft.