Why Support ARTSGALA?

In its 20-year history, ARTSGALA has raised close to $3 million to fund hundreds of scholarships for students in the fine and performing arts at Wright State University. Everyone benefits from this unique event. You can join many community friends to enjoy a spectacular evening featuring the best Wright State has to offer in art, music, theatre, dance, and motion pictures, and the students benefit from the scholarships raised.

This scholarship money is crucial for our arts programs and students. The funds help our departments attract and retain top-notch, talented students and maintain our high-caliber programs. The arts programs are rigorous and very demanding of students’ time. Many students are in class, training, and rehearsals all day long and have little time for outside employment. ARTSGALA scholarships allow them to focus on studying and honing their craft rather than worrying about working to fully fund their education. This, in turn, lessens their cost burden and prepares them for employment success upon graduation.

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Alumni and Student Success Stories

We hope you enjoy reading the below testimonials from just a handful of those who have benefited tremendously over the years from ARTSGALA scholarship support. Are you an ARTSGALA scholarship awardee who would like to share your story too? Please email

Ian Ashwell '18, Acting

"Receiving the scholarship meant that I could pursue my dream career without worrying that I would have to take a break from school for monetary reasons."

Connor Barney '16, Music Performance (Guitar)

"I want to extend a warm thank you to Wright State and its donors. I wouldn’t be living my dream today if it wasn’t for their generous support!"

Phil Bradley-Hutchison '10, Music Performance

"I felt lucky to receive any type of financial aid for college, especially a scholarship that was primarily based on talent."

Paige (Dobkins) Braley '15, Musical Theatre

"I’d just like to thank those fortunate enough to contribute to such an important fund. The arts change the world."

Andrew Dailey '05, Art

"I know that the support these scholarships provide will foster the creative efforts of a new wave of student talent and dedication."

Patrick Fansler '18, Music Performance (Clarinet)

"Receiving an ARTSGALA scholarship allowed me to focus on my craft instead of worrying about all the financial responsibilities that come with being a college student."

Benjamin Garchar '09, Motion Picture Production

"It allowed me to focus on honing my craft, and not worry about paying for my education."

Amanda Gray ’14, Music Education

“I wanted to say a special thank you to everyone involved with ARTSGALA! It really means a lot to see so many people coming out to support students doing what they love to do!”

Erin Holland '10, Film Theory and Criticism

"The ARTSGALA scholarship allowed me to take the first step towards my career."

Mark Antony Howard, Acting

"With the help of this scholarship, I’ll be able to continue this dream and showcase my talents to the world."

Christopher Marks '08, Music Education

"Receiving the ARTSGALA scholarship let me focus on learning the craft of music education."

Marisa Melchior '15, Art (Painting)

"ARTSGALA is such a wonderful event and to be selected as a scholarship recipient was truly an honor."

Stephen Monath '16, Music Education and Performance

"It meant someone believed in me, which I believe is truly a priceless gift."

Caitlin (Everhart) Parks '16, Music Education

"Receiving the ArtsGala scholarship meant the opportunity to continue my musical education with some of the best teachers in the industry."

Mally Reber '15, Dance

"It was rewarding to be recognized from so many other talented artists."

Jasmine (Easler) Schmenk ’16, Acting

“I believe that Wright State is an incubator for arts and I hope that people everywhere will continue to help to keep that culture alive. It takes a village!”

Philip Stock '18, Acting (Musical Theatre)

"I would not be the artist I am today without the faculty of the department of theatre, dance, and motion pictures, and I am so grateful for their guidance and teaching."

Scotti Stoneburner '16, Dance

"Wright State sculpted and shaped me to be the performer I am today."

Kylene (Griffith) Terhune ’13, Music Performance (Vocal)

“There have been many times in my life where I didn’t know what I could achieve until someone else pushed me because of their confidence in my abilities.”

Julia Trimboli '12, Art (Painting)

"I would just like to say thank you to everyone who had a hand, however small, in my time at Wright State."

Kristen Wagers, Art (Painting)

"My scholarship has made what I love to do possible, and I can't say thank you enough!"

Sarah Newberry Burdsall '08, Music Education (Vocal)

"It meant less worry about my financial situation while working hard to pursue my degree."

William Kan ‘16, Music Performance (Percussion)

“I am extremely grateful to Wright State and its donors for opening the door to the world of music to me through these scholarships and the many other opportunities that were available to me.”

Benjamin Kipp ’12, Music Performance

“ARTSGALA each spring was such a big deal and so much fun to participate in, so it was an honor to receive the scholarship.”

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Why Support ARTSGALA?

ARTSGALA would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.