Enjoy an evening of art, music, and theatre
by Wright State students



Our success would not be possible without the passionate support of many prominent community volunteers serving on the ARTSGALA Host Committee as well as the Wright State staff serving on our Internal Committee.

Host Committee

2016 ARTSGALA Host Committee

  • Co-Chairs:  Lois and Roger Sutherland
  • Michael Berning
  • Don and Lois Bigler
  • Mikki and Dave Clancy
  • Kim and Shelley Goldenberg
  • Angelia Hopkins
  • David and Thea Klass
  • David and Laurie Leach
  • Joe and Kelly Lehman
  • Jerri Mechenbier
  • Candy Prystaloski
  • Burt and Alice Saidel
  • Jim and Karen Tinney
  • Tom and Cathryn Young

Internal Committee

2016 ARTSGALA Internal Committee

  • Kristin Sobolik, Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  • Linda Caron, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  • Glen Cebulash, Chair, Art and Art History
  • Randall Paul, Chair, Music
  • Stuart McDowell, Chair, Theatre, Dance & Motion Pictures
  • Jennie Buckwalter, College of Liberal Arts
  • Andrea Wall, WSU Foundation
  • Susan Paul, College of Liberal Arts
  • Hank Dahlman, Director of CELIA
  • Nancy Patton, Art and Art History
  • Tess Cortés, Robert & Elaine Stein Galleries
  • Steven Aldredge, Music
  • Jerry Noble, Music
  • Victoria Oleen, Theatre, Dance, & Motion Pictures
  • Susan See, Student Union Administrative Office
  • Lee Ann Bradfield, Student Union Administrative Office
  • Julie Bertsos, Student Union Administrative Office