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Crime Prevention Unit

Officer Ammon

Sergeant Patrick Ammon

Awareness, avoidance and risk reduction are 90% of crime prevention!

The Wright State Police Department maintains a Crime Prevention Unit designed to reduce incidents of crime.

The Crime Prevention Unit is made up of a full time Crime Prevention Manager as well as other officers who are designated to individual housing areas in addition to their patrol duties. The Crime Prevention Unit sends out letters to all housing residents at the beginning of fall quarter introducing themselves to students and providing their direct contact information. The officers work in their designated areas to find solutions to problems and safety concerns as well as provide presentations on a wide variety of crime prevention topics.

In addition, the Crime Prevention Unit offers a variety of programs such as personal safety, sexual assault prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, active shooter response, vehicle safety, and many other topics upon request.

The Crime Prevention Manager, Sergeant Patrick Ammon, can be reached by email at patrick.ammon@wright.edu

Some other services offered by the Crime Prevention Unit are as follows:

  • Operation ID
    • A theft prevention program assisting with marking/engraving property with an ID number to aid in inventory and the recovery of stolen items. Learn more about Operation ID →
  • Suspicious Person and Activity Form
    • Be alert and stay observant! The WSUPD provides this form to help in the identification of suspicious activity. Please help us serve you by printing out this form for future reference! View the form now →

The WSUPD recommends that every person take personal action to prevent crime. Take a look at our collection of Crime Prevention and Safety Tips!

Helpful Safety Information

In addition to the links below, please be sure to visit the Shots Fired Video Training Program.

Active Shooter

Active shooter pocket guide

A.L.I.C.E. booklet


Alcohol and drug awareness

Making false alarms - Ohio Revised Code

Suspect description form

What should I do if I am stopped by an officer brochure

WSUPD self defense awareness class

Child Safety

25 ways to make kids safer

Child safety laws

Gang Information

Gang information for Parents (English)

Gang information for parents (Espanol)

Gang information for parents (Hmong)

Gang information for parents (Vietnamese)

General Safety Information

Bicycle safety

Common sense to spot a con

Crime prevention for people with disabilities

Get out and stay alive - fire safety

Myspace, Facebook, and personal website safety

Protecting yourself and your property tips

Safety tips to remember

Shopping safely online

Staff and faculty safety tips

Student safety tips

Senior citizens against crime

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault prevention

Drug facilitated sexual assault

If you have been sexually assaulted

Theft Prevention

Book theft postcard

Theft prevention tips

Vehicle Safety

Protecting your vehicle brochure

Winter vehicle safety information

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