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Bloodborne Pathogens Programs

In 1992, Wright State University developed an exposure control plan for use on campus to minimize the chances of occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens by employees and students. The developed program incorporates the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Standard for Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens (29CFR1910.1030).  Compliance with this program is mandatory.

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Training is required for employees with occupational exposure to human blood or other potentially infectious materials.

List of Employee Classifications   (pdf)

Training shall be provided:

  • At the time of initial assignment to tasks where occupational exposure may take place;
  • At least annually thereafter;
  • Annual training shall be provided within one year of their previous training;
  • Additional training shall be provided when changes such as modification of tasks or procedures or institution of new tasks or procedures that affect the employee's occupational exposure.

Training is available on-line in Pilot.

To Enroll or Self-Register for Initial Training:

  1. Log on to Wings
  2. Go to Academics tab
  3. Click on Pilot
  4. Click on External Registration
  5. Select "I have an existing username and password"
  6. Enter your Wings "w" username and password
  7. A table of "Self Registering Course Offerings" will appear.
    • Select "Bloodborne Pathogens Training"
  8. Step 1: A course "Description" window will appear.
    • Select the button "Register"
  9. Step 2: A "Registration Form" window will appear.
    • Complete the registration information, including First Name, Last Name, Email, Org Defined ID ("w" number)
  10. Step 3: A "Confirmation" window will appear.
    • Complete registration by selecting the "Finish" button
  11. A "Login" window will appear to confirm enrollment.
  12. For questions contact:

To Complete Annual Refresher Requirement or to Access Pilot Bloodborne Pathogen Training:

Wings Pilot Login:
  1. Go to Academics tab
  2. Click on Pilot
  3. Under My Courses find "Bloodborne Pathogens Training"
  4. Review content
  5. Submit quiz


Classroom Training:  Please contact our office for scheduling requests (937)775-2215.


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Bloodborne Pathogens


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