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University Honors Program

Course Descriptions

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Students may select a variety of honors courses. Courses are available through departments or through the University Honors Programs. Course descriptions for the Spring 2020 University Honors (UH) classes as well as a list of Departmental Honors Courses are posted here. Refer to WINGS Express via the WINGS portal for a complete listing of all Honors courses, including days, times, and locations.

Fall 2021 University Honors Courses

UH 100-01 (CRN 84580)
Honors First-Year Seminar (Turner)

Honors students experience opportunities to build their collegiate identity by clarifying their values while engaging the campus community and experiencing diversity. Students also explore learning strategies to set goals, plan their courses, develop their communication skills, and explore careers while learning to achieve overall health and wellness.

UH 1010-02 (CRN 74599)
Cultural Experiences Literature and Film (Rubin)

Students in this course will journey into a variety of international cultures through the study of international literature and film, exploring common themes between the class readings and film viewings. Coursework will include short reading responses and film analysis papers. 

UH 1010-04 (CRN 84582)
World Languages and Culture (Cipriano)

In today's globally connected society, cross-cultural communication skills are necessary for a successful career. Students in this course will develop a broader cultural perspective by studying other cultures and comparing them to their own. The course will focus on contemporary customs, language, music, film, food, family life, as well as religion, politics, marketing, art and geography.

UH 1010-07 (CRN 74604)
Engineered for Success (TBA)

For all Engineering majors (except Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology & Cybersecurity). Introduces Honors students to information, activities, and discussions that will enhance the success of first-year Honors students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

UH 1010-09 (CRN 74606)
Pre-Health (Christian and Cowles)

This course will explore health careers and the activities necessary to prepare for graduate schools in the health professions. This course is ideal for pre-med, pre-vet, pre-dental, other pre-professional students. This course will explore health careers and the activities necessary to prepare for graduate schools in the health professions.

UH 2010-01 (CRN 74608)
Travel Literature (Rubin)

This is a course about travel and a course about literature -- the literature that people write inspired by their travels. In this course, we will define travel literature, examine its origins and history, and analyze and interpret the writings of travelers. We will become travel writers ourselves, composing a piece of travel literature based on our own previous travels.

UH 1010-02 (CRN 83893)
History of Mystery (Stoermer)


UH 2020-91 (CRN 24738)
Health and Disease (Rodgers)

This course will explore disease and its historical effect upon religion, exploration, politics, war, the economy, and other social and cultural aspects of our world. We will also look at modern disease and its effect upon these social and cultural matters, and in turn how these same social and cultural aspects affect the course of disease and human health.

UH 4000-01 (CRN 74612)
Witchcraft Colonial America (Chamberlain)

Emphasis on broadly interdisciplinary topics or issues. Integrated Writing course.

Fall 2021 Departmental Honors Courses


  • ACC 2010 Accounting Principles I


  • BIO 1120L Cells and Genes Lab (Must take with BIO1120 and BIO 1190)
  • BIO 1190 Biology Recitation (Must take with BIO1120 and Honors BIO1120 Lab)

Computer Science

  • CS 1030 Survey of CS and CEG
  • CS1180 Computer Science I
  • CS 1180L Computer Science I Lab


  • EC 2040 Principle Microeconomics 


  • ED 2100 Education in a Democracy


  • EGR 1010L Intro Math Engineering Appl Lab
  • EGR 1010R Intro math Engineering Appl 


  • ENG 2100 Res Writing and Argument 


  • HST 1100 West & World to 1500
  • HST 1200 West & World since 1500

Modern Languages

  • ML 2020 Chinese Culture in Film


  • MUS 2140 Music in Wesern Culture
  • MUS 2420 Comparitive Nonwestern Cultures: Music


  • PSY 1010 Intro to Psychology
  • PSY 1010L Intro to Psychology Lab


  • REL 2320 Nonwestern Religions


  • SOC 2000 Intro to Sociology 


  • TH 3990 Acting Honors Thesis Project
  • TH 3990 Clowning/Physical Comedy