Office of General Counsel

Workers' Compensation

Wright State University participates in Ohio's workers' compensation system, a state-operated program to manage delivery of medical care and benefits to workers who suffer on-the-job injuries. This page provides basic information to assist University employees in seeking treatment and claiming benefits under the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) program. For more detailed information, consult the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation website, review the Injury Reporting Packet prepared by the University's workers' compensation contractor, or contact the Office of General Counsel at 937-775-2719 or email

Medical Emergencies

An employee can seek initial treatment from the provider of their choice, including a provider at an emergency room or urgent care, without first opening a BWC claim. Employees who believe they require immediate medical attention or evaluation should make appropriate arrangements, or call 9-1-1 for true emergencies.

An employee who seeks immediate treatment should notify the provider (if possible) at the outset of the visit that the appointment concerns a possible work-related illness or injury. The provider's intake staff will help the employee open a BWC claim on-site. After the initial visit, all follow-up services must be provided by or coordinated through a BWC-approved provider of the employee's choice. (It is often advantageous, but not required, to select a BWC-approved provider who is also "in-network" with the employee's health insurance plan.)

Routine Claims

If the employee does not seek immediate treatment, a BWC claim begins when a BWC First Report of Injury (FROI) form is filed. An employee who wishes to initiate a claim must complete at least the first two sections of the form, and:

  • For the fastest response, the employee can initiate a claim electronically through the University's workers' compensation contractor, Sedgwick MCO, at
  • Alternatively, the employee can initiate a claim electronically through the BWC's website at
  • If the employee does not wish to submit an electronic claim, a copy of the FROI can be mailed to the BWC at 30 West Spring Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215, or faxed to BWC at 1-866-336-8352.
  • The BWC will accept a claim by telephone at 1-800-644-6292 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

In most cases, the employee's claim must be filed within one year from the onset of illness or injury.

Internal Reporting

University policy requires employees to report all workplace illnesses, accidents, and injuries, including "near misses" to the employee's first-line supervisor immediately, and an EHS Incident Report Form must also be submitted within twenty-four hours. Dangerous workplace conditions should be reported immediately to the Wright State Department of Public Safety at 911 (emergency) or 937-775-2111 (emergency and non-emergency) or, the Facilities Management Office at 937-775-4444 or, or Human Resources at 937-775-2120 or Reports can also be made to the Office of General Counsel at 937-775-2719 or

Out-Of-State Injuries

The procedures above may vary for out-of-state workplace injuries and illnesses. The University maintains out-of-state workers' compensation insurance through The Hartford for employees whose work is performed entirely outside of Ohio. To report a claim under the out-of-state policy, visit The Hartford's Claims Site and follow the instructions. Out-of-state workers will the University's Policy Number (84 WEC BA8TE2) to submit a claim. Out-of-state workers' compensation policy documents are available upon request. Contact the Office of General Counsel at 937-775-2719 or to discuss out-of-state claims and/or coverage.


The Office of General Counsel staff can help individual employees to initiate a workers' compensation claim or seek immediate treatment. However, the staff cannot advise or represent individual employees concerning claims that are disputed by the University and/or the BWC.