Science Olympiad 2017

2017 Science Olympiad Highlight video

Wright State University was honored to host the 2017 Science Olympiad National Tournament. Teams from around the nation represented their states at the highest level of academic achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math. The weekend featured intense competition among 120 of the best Science Olympiad teams in the nation, striving for honors in events like Electric Vehicle, Disease Detectives, and Hovercraft. Each of the 46 events requires in-depth understanding of rigorous science content, teamwork, and real-world problem solving.

Certificate of Excellence (BW)

Certificate of Excellence (Color)

The results of the 2017 Science Olympiad National Tournament are posted and final, and the scoring window has closed. Comments may be sent here:

You can get more final result information at the offical 2017 National Science Olympiad site