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Wright State University Flight Crew

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In the spirit of soaring to new heights, the Flight Crew is ready to take off on its seventh year! Made up of like-minded faculty, staff, and retirees of Wright State, this group is committed to the success of current and future students’ flight paths at our university through their donations and support. Their contributions, and yours, are the fuel that propels us toward new heights, allowing students to take flight in their academic journey.

By contributing to the Campus Scholarship and Innovation Campaign (CSIC), you're not just investing in education; you're investing in the dreams, aspirations, and the limitless potential that Wright State students carry. Imagine being part of their journey as we unite as a community, elevating our university to new horizons and empowering us to reach for the skies.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that our future remains as bright as the skies we are destined to explore. Join us on this remarkable journey, for our students, as we lift them to academic excellence and beyond. Let's soar together!


How do you join?  When you make your donation* to CSIC this spring, or at any other time throughout the 2024 calendar year, you automatically become a member!

*Applies to contributions of $5 or more


Why become a member of the flight crew


Total Progress – CSIC 2024

Advancement Division 100%
Vice Provost for Research & Innovation 100%
University Libraries  56%
Graduate Program & Honors Studies 54%
Enrollment Management & Marketing  51%
Facilities Management & Campus Operations 45%
Executive Offices  42%
Student Affairs 38%
Business and Finance  36%
College of Engineering and Computer Science 36%
Raj Soin College of Business 29%
College of Liberal Arts 28%
College of Health, Education, & Human Services 34%
Computing and Telecommunication Services 24%
Academic Affairs  27%
 Lake Campus  28%
College of Science and Mathematics 16%
 Boonshoft School of Medicine 13%
STEM School  6%
Athletics 4%
Current FT Fac/Staff Participation 31%

See the impact



"The support from faculty and staff has given me opportunities around that I would have never dreamed of."


"Scholarships have me succeed as a Wright State student by taking away some burden caused by my educational expenses."


“Scholarships, like this, help me to achieve my dreams and move one step closer to becoming a marketing analyst in the United States.”

Faculty and Staff Involvement

Christopher Hogan

Christopher Hogan – Student Affairs

I support Wright State University because I am an alumnus and a current employee. It is important to support students because they are our future. As an employee, I am fortunate to witness the impact scholarships have on students. It allows them to focus more on learning and focus less on the financial burden of paying for school.

Dr. Wakiuru Wamwara

Dr. Wakiuru Wamwara – Raj Soin College of Business

I give to Wright State University because I believe in the transformative power of education. I am a first generation, college graduate like many of our students. Without scholarships and the generosity of many, I would not have completed my undergraduate degree. Therefore, I support our students because they are the future, so please join me in supporting our students – no amount is too little! 

Becca Webb

Becca Webb – College of Liberal Arts

I support Wright State University because I care about my university community and want to help it thrive. My donation not only goes toward helping students get the most out of their college journey, but it also supports my fellow employees and their departments in providing the best services and experiences for our students! #Raider4Life!


Arrivals 42% participation

Departures where the money went 137,847 to scholarships, 190170 to programs, 32222 to athletics

Ground Transportation 11036 student impacted, 615 flight crew members, 303, funds supported