Calamityville Testing


Calamityville has a long history of testing technology in an active training environment with one or more end-user communities. Hands-on use of technology by warfighters, special operators, first responders, etc. yields opportunities for the developers to ask questions, gather specific data, interview operators, and integrate their technology with realistic training scenarios taking place in a realistic environment. This opportunity is open to any developer with a desire to test their technology in a realistic environment. Please Contact the Calamityville Staff via our website if interested in this opportunity.

Current Testing

  • Sensors targeting medical awareness of multiple personnel simultaneously
  • Using “plumed cadavers” for training enhancement and to improve patient care
  • Next-generation automobile extrication tools/methods
  • High angle rescue methods/equipment


Recent Training Collaborations

Ohio's Use of Unmanned Aircraft Services (UAS) Mounted Radiation Detection Equipment
May 29, 2023 

The RadResponder Team has been working with the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Unmanned Aircraft Services to stream real-time, second-by-second readings into RadResponder. The Ohio Department of Health uses a NaI 2X2 detector, used for detecting low levels of gamma radiation, and attaches it to the DJI Matrice 600 Pro drone to stream data into the DroneRad Application that is integrated with the RadResponder Application Programming Interface (API). A joint presentation on the process was conducted at the 2023 National Radiological Preparedness Conference (NREP) in Indianapolis, Indiana.