Calamityville at Wright State University

Calamityville is a training, testing, and research venue where military and civilian emergency first responders hone their skills while building relationships.

Aerial photo of Calamityville

Calamityville is set on over 50 acres in Fairborn, Ohio, and uses unique props and realistic simulated settings to duplicate the full range of hazardous environments seen in both man-made and natural disasters.


Get prepared for the next disaster with our mix of classrooms and realistic, scenario-based training exercises


Utilize our facility to test your technology in an active training environment


Conduct your research in a controlled, yet realistic, disaster setting


Encapsulate morale

Armed with paintball guns, Wright State Army ROTC cadets participated in urban combat scenarios and ambush training exercises at Wright State’s Calamityville.

An invaluable experience

Screams for help and sounds of a responding medical helicopter filled the air during a live training exercise at Wright State’s Calamityville

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