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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I learn more about Army ROTC and Scholarship opportunities if I am still in high school?

    Visit or and talk with the Wright State Army ROTC Department. Contact us through the "Have a Question?" form on the homepage.

  • When do I contract into the Army ROTC program?

    Students that are qualified can contract as an Army ROTC Cadet once the meet all the determining factors. Once contracted cadets will start receiving financial benefits in addition to their leadership development. This is normally done at the start of your college junior year or upon earning a scholarship. To learn more contact the Recruiting Officer or fill out the "Have a Question?" form on the homepage.

  • How do students benefit from Army ROTC?

    In college contracted cadets find peace of mind having the financial burden of college removed from their shoulders. ROTC also promotes healthy habits such as dedicated study habits and an easy to maintain fitness schedule.

     After graduation, cadets find that the training and experience that they have received are assets—whether pursuing an Army or civilian career. Employers place high regard on the management and leadership skills that ROTC develops within its students. Plus, ROTC looks great on a resume. When cadets complete the ROTC course, upon graduation, they become commissioned officers in the US Army.

  • How often are Army ROTC scholarships awarded?

    The National Board Scholarships are awarded once a year. However, there are other types of ROTC scholarships that are awarded throughout the year for qualified full time participating students. Also, for full-time college students, two, three, and sometimes four-year scholarships are available.

  • Can only scholarship winners enroll in ROTC?

    No. Anyone can enroll in ROTC. Regardless of whether you’re a scholarship winner or not, all ROTC books, supplies, and equipment are furnished at no cost to you.

  • On what basis are scholarship winners chosen?

    ROTC scholarships are not based on financial need. Instead, they’re awarded on merit. Merit is exhibited in academic achievement and extracurricular activities, such as sports, student government or part-time work.