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Student Government Association Election Center

ELECTIONS: Fall 2021


Campaign Forms


Elections Timeline


Petitions and Forms available

(February 15th)

Are you interested in joining Student Government Association? If you said yes, you should become a candidate in this year's elections!


Elections Application Packets are Due

(February 26th)



Candidates Meetings

Candidates meetings will be held virtually on Engage; candidates can complete on their own time as long as it is complete by February 26th at 5 p.m.

After completing your application packet, email the current Student Government Association Chief Justice to set up a campaign meeting. This MUST be completed to be eligible for the Student Government Association elections.


Campaigning Begins

(March 8th)

The day of campaigning finally begins. Candidates and Campaign Managers should make sure to read and abide by all of the Campaign Regulations. Students, Faculty, Staff, and members of the community may submit violations if a candidate breaks any of the campaign regulations. Violations may be submitted by filling out the "Violations" form listed in the sidebar to the right.


Voting Begins

(March 15th)

Registered Wright State University students will be able to vote for next year's Student Government Association President, Vice President, and Senators. Voting will occur by signing into WINGS and then finding the Student Government Association election's announcement on the homepage of WINGS. Students will be able to vote for the President and Vice President ticket, their college's Senator, and a Senator based on where the voting student lives - Commuter Senator or Residential Senator. 


Campaigning and Voting Ends

(March 18th)


Position Descriptions

Executive Board

The Executive Board oversees the organization and leads all branches of the organization.

President of the student body - Elected

The President of the Student Body serves as the official representative of the entire university student body. The President runs alongside the Vice President on the same ticket.

Vice president of the student Body - elected

The Vice President serves alongside the President in serving the students. The Vice President resides over the senate and runs alongside the President on the same ticket.

chief of staff - Appointed

The Chief of Staff is the highest appointed position of the organization. The Chief of Staff directs and executes the vision of the President and resides over the cabinet.

Speaker of the house - Elected by the house

The Speaker of the House resides over the House of Representatives which consists of every active student organization on campus. The Speaker of the House leads the House team which consists of specific members of Student Government.

Director of internal affairs - Appointed

The Director of Internal Affairs serves as the Organization Manager, in charge of minutes, agendas, and all internal matters. The Director of Internal Affairs collaborates with administration to handle finances and budgeting of the organization.

director of external affairs - appointed

The Director of External Affairs leads the marketing and communication team of the organization in handling all external communications and public relations of the organization including the website, social media, and branding of the organization.

chief justice - Appointed

The Chief Justice serves as the final interpreter of the constitution and bylaws of the organization. The Chief Justice handles all student organization disputes of the house and serves on the panel of student conduct.


The cabinet is lead by the Chief of Staff to handle specific issues on campus respective to their specific title. Each Director of the cabinet collaborates with their respective positions administrator. Each Director of the cabinet leads a committee to effectively execute their missions and goals. All cabinet postions are appointed positions

Director of academic affairs

director of diversity, inclusion, and international affairs

director of accessibility, health, and safety

director of student affairs

director of the freshman internship program

director of outreach and collaboration

assistant speaker of the house

assistant director of external affairs


The senate consists of representatives of each academic college, residential, and commuter students. The senate holds the voting power of the organization. The senate meets with their respective constituents to solve any issues regarding their constituents. All senate positions are elected by the student body.

College of Education and Human Services Senator

College of Liberal Arts Senator

College of Nursing and Health Senator

College of Science and Math Senator

Raj Soin College of Business Senator

College of Engineering and Computer Sciences Senator

University College Senator

Residential Senator

Commuter Senator

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about joining the organization.

Q: Do I have to be super interested in Government/Politics to join?

A: Absolutely Not! Student Government consists of a variety of different students from all different majors and interests. The only requirement you need is a passion and drive for making a difference on campus for your fellow students.

Q: Are there paid positions?

A: All SGA positions are paid positions with the exception of "Associate" positions and committee members.

Q: If I already hold a paid student worker position in another organization, can I hold another in SGA?

A: Yes! As long as you do not exceed the maximum 28 student worker hour limit set by the University.

Q: What's the difference between Elected and Appointed Positions?

A: Elected positions are positions that are voted upon by the students. You are required to get signatures from you constituents during campaigning, then once the polls open, the students vote on their representative. 

Appointed positions are positions appointed by the Chief of Staff and President. Appointed positions go through an interview process with senior members of the organization, then voted upon by the Senate.

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: It depends on the position you are going for. Refer to our bylaws for the position you are going for to find out exactly how many hours you are expected to work along with our weekly meeting.

Q: How do I get signatures?

A: Getting signatures is actually a very simple process. All you have to do is talk to students in your respective constituent (i.e the business school if you are going for business, etc). This can be done by going and talking to classes, going to high populated areas. As long as you get the reqcuired number you need.

Q: Do I have to Interview?

A: Only appointed positions have to go through a required interview through the organization.