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About Us


What is SGA?

The Student Government Association exists to advocate widely and deeply felt Wright State student interests; this is accomplished through lobbying the administration at our university. As designated by the Board of Trustees, the House of Representatives is responsible for officially communicating the collective viewpoint of the student body with regard to any aspect of university policy or operation. The Senate is responsible for appointing students to university committees, to recommend allocations of the student activity funds, to represent student interests, and to serve as a conduit of information from the university to the student body. Student Government shall also represent the student body on state and national issues of interest to students.

The purpose of SGA is to advocate for and represent the interests of students at Wright State University. We are committed to promoting student participation in the overall policy and decision-making processes of the university, enhancing the quality and scope of education at the university, and promoting the general welfare of the student body.


These are the Bylaws of Wright State University’s Student Government and are specific rules of the policy and conduct for all participants in the organization followed accordingly with the Constitution. No member shall waive or modify the Bylaws, or other documents, without due and proper consultation with the approval of appropriate administrators and advisors within the Student Government Association. 



Executive Board



Adrian is a neuroscience major and aspiring physician-scientist with plans to pursue a joint M.D./Ph.D. degree upon graduation, with the aim of working at the intersection of biomedical science and politics.

He is in his first term as the Student Body President at Wright State and concurrently serves as the Executive Director of the Ohio Student Government Association. He is currently working on a computational neuroscience research publication at Weill Cornell Medical College and has worked in a computational biology laboratory at Harvard Medical School. He is also employed at a forensic bioinformatics firm tasked with updating GenoStat, a widely used forensic DNA profiling program.

In addition, Adrian co-founded and currently chairs the #RetainThe9 task force (aimed at increasing Wright State's minority retention rates), has testified to numerous Ohio Congressional Committees, was appointed by the Ohio Senate president to sit on a statewide higher education committee, worked with the World Health Organization, founded an organization on campus, and served as Wright State's 2018 Newman Civic Fellow.

Email: adrian.williams@wsusg.com

Vice President

Joseph York


Joseph York, son of Terri and Loren York, was born in Maineville, Ohio. A graduate of Little Miami High School, he played on their quiz bowl and tennis teams. He matriculated to Wright State University in Fall 2017, where he pursued a degree in philosophy with minors in economics and classics. Joe has shown a great drive and interest in politics, joining the Student Government Association as an intern during his first semester. He gained the title of Assistant Speaker of the House his sophomore year before going on to serve as Vice President with Adrian Williams his senior year. In addition to his involvement in Student Government Association, he has been a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon since his sophomore year. After graduating, he plans on taking a year off due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic before pursuing law school.

Email: joe.york@wsusg.com

Chief of Staff

ELi Smith


Eli is a senior, dual majoring in political science and international studies and minoring in Spanish, with aspirations to attend law school. This is Eli's fourth year in SGA, as he was a part of the freshman internship program, working with the COLA senator. He was then elected as Commuter Senator during his sophomore year, appointed to Chief Policy Officer his junior year, and is now the Chief of Staff.

Eli looks forward to the upcoming school year and plans to continue to help make a positive difference in the life of students. In Eli's free time, he likes to play tennis at KTC/Quail and spend time with friends and family.

Email: eli.smith@wsusg.com

Director of Internal Affairs

Jisa patel

Jisa Patel is a sophomore and is serving as the Director of Internal Affairs. She is studying nursing as well as pursuing a minor in political science. In the future, she hopes to earn her master's degree in nursing. This is her second year in SGA. She hopes to get more involved on campus this year and the following years.

Outside of campus, she serves as a youth group leader that provides training for younger girls to equip them with the skills to serve in leadership roles in their futures. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, singing, painting, working out, and writing.

Email: jisa.patel@wsusg.com

Director of External Affairs

Ty Callahan

Ty Callahan is a junior studying management information systems in the Raj Soin College of Business. Ty is currently in his second year of Student Government Association and is working as Director of External Affairs.

He is also a member of the Rowdy Raider Organization, a group of students who attend sporting events to support Wright State University athletics. Supporting athletics is important to Ty, as he sees it as an opportunity to be a student leader, along with the chance to represent the school in a positive way.

In his free time, he enjoys computer coding, playing guitar, sports, and spending time with friends and family.

Email: ty.callahan@wsusg.com

Speaker of the House

Lacey Loges

Lacey is the Speaker of the House for SGA. She is a senior majoring in fine arts with an arts management certification. Lacey has been very involved on and off campus over the years, holding several leadership positions. She’s been involved in sport club council, athletics, competitive dance team, ‘67 Society, orientation, SGA, Take Flight Leadership Retreat, color guard, etc. Her goal is to ensure students are given every opportunity to succeed academically. 

Email: lacey.loges@wsusg.com

Chief Justice

Dai’Shanae Moore

My name is Dai’Shanae Moore I am a fourth-year student. I graduate in December 2021. I major in political science and sociology with a minor in crime and justice studies. I am a member of many organizations and hold E-board positions in each of them.

After I graduate, I plan to go to graduate school to earn my master's degree in public administration, then apply to go to law school.

Email: daishanae.moore@wsusg.com

Chief Policy Officer

Hannah Weisgerber

I am a senior studying political science and international studies with the intention of attending law school after graduation to specialize in environmental law. I joined SGA this year after sitting on the Student Election Committee in the Spring of 2020.

I am a member of Wright State’s Model UN team, a Democracy fellow with the Campus Vote Project, and an intern for the City of Fairborn’s Sustainability Committee. As an intern, I am researching the most effective models to create a community composting program in Fairborn.

In my free time, I enjoy practicing Yin and Vinyasa yoga and trying new (vegan!) recipes.



Director of Academic Affairs

Dawson Draper


Email: dawson.draper@wsusg.com

Director of Accessibility, Health & Safety

 Chiemeka Okafor


Email: chiemeka.okafor@wsusg.com

Director of Inclusive Excellence

Chinenye Amagwu


Email: chinenye.amagwu@wsusg.com

Director of Student Affairs

Tiphani Moss

Tiphani is a fourth-year doctoral student in the School of Professional Psychology (SOPP). This is her first year in SGA. Tiphani has served as Co-President of the SOPP student-led organization African American Women in Professional Psychology (AAWIPP) for two years and served one year as a member of the SOPP Student Government and cohort representative to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Additionally, Tiphani is currently a member of the Wright State Racial Equity Task Force and also serves on the policy and procedures subcommittee of the task force.

Tiphani hopes to use her experience as both a former undergraduate student and a current graduate student to advocate for students and serve them effectively. Additionally, Tiphani strives to ensure students feel safe and supported.

Tiphani enjoys being a therapist, painting, and watching The Office.

Email: tiphani.moss@wsusg.com

Director of Freshman Internship Programs

Fatimazahra Boumahchad

Fatima Boumahchad is a senior majoring in biological sciences and minoring in Chinese on the pre-med track. She has participated in SGA since her freshman year; first as a committee leader of internal affairs in the Freshman Internship Program and then as Director of the Student Internship Program. She is currently serving her third year as the Director of the Freshman Internship. Outside of student government, Fatima has hosted events in the past. Freshman year, she hosted the Chinese New Year event, and sophomore year she hosted the International Festival. Additionally, she serves as a Student Ambassador for Wright State.

She’s also been an intern for a Force for Health team, serves as a crisis counselor, was a student research assistant, and is a current medical assistant at Miami Valley Hospital. Fatima’s hobbies include volleyball, foosball, socializing, and shopping. She also loves coffee and studying at cafes. She is graduating this spring and attending medical school in the fall.

Email: fatima.boumahchad@wsusg.com

Director Of Outreach and Collaboration

Brendan Draper

Brendan Draper is a third-year student pursuing a degree in management information systems in the Raj Soin College of Business. This is his first year being part of the Student Government Association and serving as the Director of Outreach and Collaboration. This year his goal is to find ways to help students overcome new struggles brought on by the pandemic. In his free time, Brendan enjoys attending Wright State sporting events, spending time with friends and family, and playing video games.

Email: brendan.draper@wsusg.com

Assistant Director of External Affairs

Dorian buford

Dorian Buford is a senior majoring in communication studies at Wright State.

He has been a member and executive leader of many student organizations throughout his college journey and now serves as the current President of the Black Student Union organization. Dorian wishes to pursue a career in communications, public relations, and/or event planning after graduating in 2021.

Email: buford.18@wright.edu





College of Education and Human Services Senator

Ryan Dryden

Hello, my name is Ryan Dryden and I'm a senior at Wright State. I am majoring in sports medicine and plan on attending physician assistant school after my time here. I am very active on campus as this is my second year involved in SGA and my third year representing my college's Dean's Student Advisory Board. Outside of school, I spend my time volunteering at a local hospital and working as a nationally certified phlebotomist.

Email: ryan.dryden@wsusg.com

College of Liberal Arts Senator

Victoria Solomon

Victoria Solomon is a first-year music education major at Wright State University. This is Victoria’s first year in SGA serving as the College of Liberal Arts senator. Additionally, she is also involved in the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Student Advisory Board and serves as the freshman representative for the Ohio Collegiate Music Education Association chapter at Wright State. Victoria is very passionate about her impact as a future music educator and hopes to help students realize and understand their full potential not just through music, but with passion, connections, and leadership. Her goals through SGA are to promote a safe learning environment for all students and helping to actively involve students in their college. Victoria is excited and thrilled to continue her journey through Student Government Association and Wright State University.

College of Nursing and Health

Seth Hohlbein

Seth is a junior year nursing student at Wright State. He is also looking forward to his second year in SGA. He is extremely passionate in everything he does and often puts his energy into helping others.

In addition to his role in SGA, you can find Seth studying on campus, listening to music, hanging out with friends, or staying active. 

Email: seth.hohlbein@wsusg.com

College of Science and Mathematics Senator

Zayneb Moumkine

Zayneb Moumkine is majoring in Neuroscience with a pre-med track. As the Student Government Association Senator for the College of Science and Mathematics, I serve as the liaison between Dean’s Circle and the Student Government Association. I am excited to represent my college and cater to the needs of my peers. I’m also an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Harels Neuropsych lab. I am a Secretary for the MAPS program and fundraising chair of Compassion in Action. An organization dedicated to volunteering and raising money where 100% of our profits go to local charities. If you have any questions or concerns, I’m happy to help! 

Email: zayneb.moumkine@wsusg.com

Commuter Senator

Sabrina D'Alesandro

I am a junior Materials Science Engineering student, minoring in Computer Science, Math, and Arabic. In my time at Wright State University I have been involved in Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers, the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, as well as the CECS student ambassador program. I was originally interested in serving as the commuter senator because it provided a means to help my fellow students. Being a commuter myself, I am aware of the unique and wide variety of challenges commuters face. We are made up of different majors, different lengths of commutes, and various backgrounds which makes it hard to help all of us, but it is a challenge I am willing to tackle.

Email: sabrina.dalesandro@wsusg.com

Raj Soin College of Business





Residential Senator

Jonathan Ciero

Jonathan Ciero is a junior studying mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics. This is his second year working with the Student Government Association, where last year he served as the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) Senator. Jonathan has been involved in various groups and organizations on campus, including the Club Bowling team, Dean’s Student Advisory Board, and served as a CECS Ambassador. 

Additionally, Jonathan worked the past two summers with the Orientation team, becoming a Senior Orientation Peer Mentor this past summer. He also was a Physics II learning assistant during his sophomore year, teaching and tutoring students going through the course. Jonathan loves to disc golf, play video games, and enjoy the outdoors during his free time.

Email: jonathan.ciero@wsusg.com

University College Senator

Jeffrey Shehee

My name is Jeffrey Shehee, I am a junior and currently serving as the University College Senator.

I am studying organizational leadership with minors in psychology and nonprofit administration. I’ve served multiple leadership roles in most social, service, and cultural organizations on campus. In the future, I hope to earn my master's degree in student affairs in higher education. Aside from the internship program, this is my first official year in SGA. My hope is to make the transition and growth for students on campus easy and effective.

Outside of campus, I’m currently working on creating my own business, hanging with friends/family, and spending a lot of time listening to music.

Email: jeffrey.shehee@wsusg.com

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Gullzada Anwari

Gullzada Anwari is a senior from Bamyan, Afghanistan, majoring in biomedical engineering/pre-med. He left Afghanistan in 2015 and came to the United States. The war and conflicts in his country led him to chase his dream of becoming a physician. He wishes to return one day to help those in need. As the senator of the college of engineering and computer science, Gullzada strives to ensure that the Student Government Association's goals are met. He enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and hanging out with his friends. Outside of the SGA, Gullzada is involved in many different volunteering organizations and clubs to help his community. He is thrilled to see what changes will be made this upcoming academic year through Student Government Association.

Email: gullzada.anwari@wsusg.com

Freshman Internship Program


Program Manager of Student Organizations

Courtney Laukitis

Courtney started advising the Student Government Association in October 2019. She is the program manager for student organizations in the office of Student Involvement and Leadership, where she manages the online student engagement platform, Engage. Courtney oversees 170+ student organizations where she assists in planning their events, provides officer training and transition programs, and manages their Engage profile. 

Courtney is from State College, PA. She holds a Master of Arts in Student Affairs in Higher Education (2019) from Slippery Rock University, and a Bachelor of Science in Business (2016) from Pennsylvania State University.

Email: courtney.laukitis@wright.edu