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About Us


What is SGA?

The Student Government Association exists to advocate widely and deeply felt Wright State student interests; this is accomplished through lobbying the administration at our University. As designated by the Board of Trustees, the House of Representatives is responsible for officially communicating the collective viewpoint of the student body with regard to any aspect of University policy or operation. The Senate is responsible for appointing students to University committees, to recommend allocations of the student activity funds, to represent student interests and to serve as a conduit of information from the University to the student body. Student Government shall also represent the student body on state and national issues of interest to students.

The purpose of SGA is to advocate for and represent the interests of students at Wright State University. We are committed to promoting student participation in the overall policy and decision-making processes of the University, enhancing the quality and scope of education at the University, and promoting the general welfare of the student body.


These are the Bylaws of Wright State University’s Student Government and are specific rules of the policy and conduct for all participants in the organization followed accordingly with the Constitution. No member shall waive or modify the Bylaws, or other documents, without due and proper consultation with the approval of appropriate administrators and advisors within the Student Government Association. 



Executive Board



Ivan Mallett is a junior international studies and economics double major. This is his second year in SGA. Last year he joined SGA as a member of the Legislative and Governance committee and learned a lot about Ohio Politics and the legislative process by traveling up to Columbus and lobbying on behalf of bills that would help students all across Ohio.

Besides SGA Ivan is also the first President of Lambda Chi Alpha, the newest Fraternity on Wright State’s campus. He is also the Director of Outreach for Wright State College Republicans and a member of both the Model UN team and the Model Arab League team. Outside of school, Ivan is also a Sergeant in the United States Army and the Director of Operations for State Representative Rick Perales’ re-election Campaign.

In his free time, Ivan enjoys photography and was able to shoot a wedding over the summer.

Email: ivan.mallett@wsusg.com

Vice President

D. K. Adrian Williams

Adrian is a neuroscience major and aspiring physician-scientist with plans to pursue a joint MD/PhD degree upon graduation with the aim of working at the intersection of biomedical science and politics.

He is in his 2nd term as the Student Body Vice-President at WSU and concurrently serves as the Executive-Director of the Ohio Student Government Association. He is currently working on a computational neuroscience research publication at Weill Cornell Medical College and has worked in a computational biology laboratory at Harvard Medical School. He is also employed at a forensic bioinformatics firm tasked with updating GenoStat, a widely used forensic DNA profiling program.

In addition, Adrian co-founded and currently chairs the #RetainThe9 task force (aimed at increasing WSU's minority retention rates), has testified to numerous Ohio Congressional Committees, was appointed by the Ohio Senate President to sit on a statewide higher education committee, worked with the World Health Organization, founded an organization on campus, and served as WSU’s 2018 Newman Civic Fellow.

Email: adrian.williams@wsusg.com

Chief of Staff

Nathan Price

Nathan is a senior studying nursing. He has a passion for serving others and making a difference and he found SGA as the place for him to do that. In years past he has served on the academic affairs committee, the Director for Outreach and Collaboration, and last year as Speaker of the House. He is very excited to return for his fourth year.
Nathan is also a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board for the College of Nursing and is a brother at St. John Bosco's Knights of Columbus chapter here on campus. He also works at Soin Medical Center as a nurses aid.
If Nathan finds himself with some free time, you would find him spending time with friends and family or reading.

Email: nathan.price@wsusg.com

Director of Internal Affairs

James Curlis

James Curlis is a junior at Wright State University studying accountancy with a minor in economics. James is the Director of Internal Affairs for Student Government, and has been involved in the organization for 3 years serving as an intern and as the Director of Internal Affairs.

James is also involved with the campus recreation department on campus at Wright State, serving as an intramural referee and supervisor. James is also the owner of K&J's Ice Cream in Sidney, Ohio, opening the store in April 2019 while being a full time student. Upon graduation, James intends to take and CMA and CPA exams to become a certified managerial and certified public accountant.

Director of External Affairs

Anna vandewiele

Email: anna.vandewiele@wsusg.com

Speaker of the House

Joe York

Joseph York is a sophomore at Wright State University pursuing a major in both Philosophy and Economics.

When not working with the House of Representatives or attending class, he is involved with WSU Quizbowl, Club Tennis, History Club. And when he isn't staying involved on campus he also enjoys playing table tennis, pool, golfing and building computer networks.

Email: joe.york@wsusg.com

Chief Justice

William jacob jones

Jacob Jones is a Sophomore majoring in Business Economics. He began his SGA career last school year, when he got involved in the Freshman Internship Program. During his first year, he became an associate justice and served as vice chairmen of the student election committee in Spring 2019. Jacob is a member of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon and is the Director of Outreach and Collaboration for our Fraternity, Sorority Council on campus. During his free time, Jacob enjoys playing tennis, running, and being with friends.

Email: jacob.jones@wsusg.com

Chief Policy Officer

Eli Smith

Eli is Junior dual majoring in Political Science and International Studies. This is Eli's third year in SGA, as he was apart of the Freshman Internship program, working with the COLA Senator. He was then elected as Commuter Senator his sophomore year and then appointed to Chief Policy Officer his Junior Year. Eli looks forward to the upcoming school year and plans to continue to help make a positive difference in the life of students.

Along with Student Government Association, Eli plays on the Club Tennis at Wright State. He also plays doubles on a GMVTA team. In his free time he likes to be with friends and family.



Director of Academic Affairs

Samantha Baxter

Junior majoring in English and Political Science, and minoring in Sociology and French. She participated in SGA last year as a member of the Freshman Academic Affairs committee and is currently in her second year as the Director of Academic Affairs.

Samantha serves as the Director of Academic Affairs. She is also involved in the WSU Model UN team as one of the Head Delegate and 4Paws For Ability on campus.

Samantha’s hobbies include: spending time with her dog, friends, and family. She also likes cooking, swimming, and watching The Office.

Email: samantha.baxter@wsusg.com

Director of Accessibility, Health & Safety

seth hohlbein

Seth is a junior beginning his first year in the nursing program at Wright State. He is also looking forward to his first year in SGA. He is extremely passionate in everything he does and often puts his energy into helping others.

Seth serves as Director of Accessibility, Health, and Safety. He plans to fight the mental health stigma, ensure student safety, and maintain successful partnership with cooperating organizations across campus.

In addition to his role in SGA, you can find Seth studying on campus, listening to music, hanging out with friends, or staying active.

Email: seth.hohlbein@wsusg.com

Director of Diversity, Inclusion, & International Affairs

Kevin Jones















Kevin Jones a native of Columbus, Ohio. He is a junior at Wright State University, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Policing and Investigative Studies. During his life he has built a rapport among various community leaders and officials through his servant leadership projects and continuous volunteer efforts. Kevin values the understanding and belief that all great partnerships and relationships begin with effective and productive communication.

Kevin is passionate about politics and serving those around him to advance their goals and achieve their dreams. He is an entrepreneur as well. Kevin is the currently elected Director of Legislative Affairs for the Ohio Student Government Association leading the half a million students in policy and lobbying efforts across the state. He is also the former Chief Policy Officer for Wright State's Student Body, the former Legislative Intern for the City of Columbus' City Council Division of Community Engagement, and the current Administrative Receptionist for the Franklin County Treasurer's Office Cheryl Brooks-Sullivan. On campus, Kevin serves as the President of Black Men on the Move, the Director of Diversity & Inclusion for the Student Body and the Founder of Retain the 9 and Vice-Chair of its Task Force. Kevin also is a three year employee of Student Legal Services, the Chairman of the Damon S. Bell Memorial Leadership Scholarship Fund and a former Bolinga Scholarship Recipient.

Email: kevin.jones@wsusg.com

Director of Student Affairs

Beth Metcalf

Beth Metcalf is serving the Student Government Association as Director of Student Affairs. Beth is a senior who is pursuing her bachelor's degree in accounting with a minor in management.This is her second year in the role of student affairs and her fourth year in Student Government! Beth desires to connect the community and strives to keep up our campus morale through various projects and events. She loves to collaborate and is always willing to talk about what is best for our fellow students!

Email: beth.metcalf@wsusg.com

Director of Freshman Internship Programs

Fatimazahra Boumahchad

Fatima Boumahchad is a junior majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Chinese.
She participated in SGA since her freshman year; first as a committee leader of Internal Affairs
in the Freshman Internship Program and then as the Director of the Freshman Internship
Program. She is currently serving her second year as the Director of the Freshman Internship.
Outside of Student Government, Fatima has hosted events in the past. Freshman year,
she hosted the Chinese New Year event and last year she hosted the International Festival.
Additionally, she serves as a Student Ambassador for Wright State.
Fatima’s hobbies include playing volleyball, foosball, socializing, and shopping.

Email: fatima.boumahchad@wsusg.com

Director Of Outreach and Collaboration

Austin Rex

Austin Rex is a Senior Economics major from Spencerville, OH. Austin serves as our Director of Outreach and Collaboration, where he works to connect different organizations with SGA and each other in order to plan collaborative events. This year Austin hopes to get a Farmers Market on campus and to reignite the Gem City Jam rivalry basketball game with UD. He is also involved in many other organizations on campus, including Sigma Phi Epsilon, UAB, 67 Society, Quiz Bowl, and the President’s Ambassador program. In his spare time, Austin enjoys cooking, playing soccer, and thrill seeking.

Email: austin.rex@wsusg.com

Assistant Speaker of the House

Connor weaver

Connor is a junior mathamatics major with minors in classical humanities and information technology.

Connor is also the Vice President of Member Development for Sigma Phi Epsilon. When I'm not working on math homework or working at CaTS, I'm either cycling or hiking through the metro parks.

Email: connor.weaver@wsusg.com

Assistant Director of External Affairs

Ty callahan

Ty Callahan is a Sophomore student studying Management Information Systems in Raj Soin College of Business. Ty is currently in his first year of Student Government Association and is working as Assistant Director of External Affairs.

He is also a member of the Rowdy Raider Organization, which is a group of students who attend sporting events to support Wright State University Athletics. Supporting athletics is important to Ty as he sees it as an opportunity to be a student leader, along with the chance to represent your school in a positive way.

In his free time, he enjoys computer coding, playing guitar, sports, and spending time with friends and family.

Email: ty.callahan@wsusg.com

Secretary of the House






College of Education and Human Services Senator

Jazmyn Maxwell

Jazmyn Maxwell is currently a Senior majoring in Middle Childhood education at Wright State University.  She is very passionate about teaching Language Arts and Social Studies which are her two major concentrations for the program. In addition to serving as the current College of Education and Human Services senator within the Student Government Association for the second year, Jazmyn also serves as the 2018/2019 Secretary for the College of Education and Human Services Dean's Student Advisory Board. Jazmyn is very passionate in all that she does and she knows that it is beyond imperative for her to help students worldwide gain as much knowledge as possible so that each individual student can obtain the career they desire in the future. 
 Her mission is to become a role model to students so that their actions can reflect nothing other than positivity and success in all areas. In her future classroom, Jazmyn can ensure you that the sharing of ideas will be highly encouraged among all students and she will inspire students to feel comfortable in doing so. Her passion for sharing new ideas to help others obtain knowledge is something that she tries her hardest to do in order to make a difference in society. Some of Jazmyn’s favorite hobbies are swimming, shopping, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family. Jazmyn is very excited and eager for all the wonderful opportunities that the Student Government Association has in store this upcoming year. 

Email: jazmyn.maxwell@wsusg.com

College of Liberal Arts Senator

Jackson Cornwell

Jackson is a third year Political Science with a double minor in Philosophy and International Business. After graduation Jackson hopes to get his masters in Journalism.

This is Jackson’s third year in SGA. He started as an Academic Affairs intern his first year and then served as the College of Liberal Arts his second year and he is now in his second term in that role.

Outside of SGA Jackson is heavily involved all around campus. Jackson is one of two head delegates of the WSU Model United Nations team, a Presidents Ambassador for 2019-2020, member of the CoLA Dean’s Student Advisory Board, the Vice President of SLC for the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and much more.

Jackson loves musical theatre, Disney, and dogs. In his spare time you can find him writing, listening to show tunes, shopping, or watching Will and Grace and the Golden Girls.

College of Nursing and Health

Chris Draper

Christopher Draper a senior nursing student currently in his OB/Pediatrics semester. He prides himself
on his commitment to students and ability to push forward in the face of adversity. He like triple double
crunch wraps.

Email: chris.draper@wsusg.com

College of Science and Mathematics Senator


Sean McGraw is a Sophomore studying Psychology with a Clinical Concentration. This is his
second year working with the Student Government Association, last year he joined through the
Freshman Internship Program and served as the Secretary of the House of Representatives.
Sean has been consistently involved in Human Factors Psychology research during his time here
at Wright State. He’s studied concentration and task efficacy in Dr. Juvina’s ASTECCA
Laboratory, as well as spatial reasoning, visual processing, and memory in Dr. Colle’s Cognition
On top of that, Sean is also an active member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. He’s also involved
with other clubs on campus, namely Psychology Club. In his free time, Sean enjoys hiking,
exercising, cooking, and studying Philosophy, which is his Minor.

Email: sean.mcgraw@wsusg.com

Commuter Senator

Leah Dryden

Leah Dryden is a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Professional Writing. Leah is the president of the Liberal Arts Dean's Student Advisory Board, as well as being a senior delegate of Model UN, a sister of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, and the president of the Commuter Student Association. Leah also works as an Admissions Ambassador on campus, and hopes to work in higher education someday.

Email: leah.dryden@wsusg.com

Raj Soin College of Business

CONor Hoffman

Conor Hoffman is a junior double majoring in Accounting and Finance with a minor in Economics and a concentration in Business Analytics. Conor intends to pursue a CFA or MBA. This his first year in SGA and serves as the senator for the Raj Soin College of Business. This year he plans to work on developing incentives for business students to do internships. He is also assisting with the development of a mentorship program for freshman business students.
In addition to SGA Conor is a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board for the Raj Soin College of Business. He is also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma business honors society. Conor’s hobbies include volleyball, basketball, tennis, scuba diving and going to the movies.

Email: conor.hoffman@wsusg.com

Residential Senator

Jacob O'Connor

Jacob O’Connor is a sophomore in Communication Studies this year. Apart from Student Government Association, Jacob is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity on campus, and this past summer he was an orientation mentor. Jacob looks forward to serving the residential students at Wright State and is determined in making sure that everyone who lives at Wright State feels at home. Please feel free to reach out to him for any concern. Jacob looks forward to this upcoming year and making a difference at Wright State. Raider Up!

Email: jacoboconnor0302@gmail.com

University College Senator

ZAYNEB Moumkine


College of Engineering and Computer Science

Jonathan Ciero

Email: ciero.2@wright.edu

Freshman Internship Program


Interim Vice President of Student Affairs

Gary Dickstein


Dr. Gary Dickstein was appointed the Interim Vice President for Student Affairs at Wright State University October 1, 2016, where he is responsible for providing leadership and effective student services and programs. He oversees 15 University departments including the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, Campus Recreation, Community Standards and Student Conduct, Counseling and Wellness Services, Disability Services, Latino, Asian and Native American Affairs, LGBTQA Affairs, Pre-College Programs, Residence Life and Housing, Services, Student Activities, Student Support Services, Student Union, University Police Department, Veteran and Military Center and the Women’s Center.

Dr. Dickstein has worked in the field of higher education as an administrator for the past 29 years. Prior to his appointment as the Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, he served as the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. Over the course of his career, Dr. Dickstein has held numerous positions within various areas of Student Affairs including Housing and Residential Life, Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Off-Campus Housing Services, and Community Standards and Student Conduct. Dr. Dickstein received his bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University; a Master’s of Arts in Higher Education Administration from Wright State University and his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Ohio University. His dissertation research focus was in the areas of student conduct and mental health.

Dr. Dickstein has served on the Board of Directors of the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) as a director at large, President-Elect, President, and immediate past President. He also served the association as the conference chair and Secretary for the Foundation. In addition to being involved in ASCA, Dr. Dickstein is a member of several other organizations including the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), Order of Omega, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Alpha Lambda Delta and Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) society.

Dr. Dickstein is currently an adjunct professor in the College of Education and Human Services and teaches a class on higher education legal issues. He has also served as a faculty member for the ASCA Donald D. Gehring Conduct Administration Academy and has presented at numerous local, state, regional and national conferences.

Dr. Dickstein has been married to his partner, Shelley, for the past 28 years, and they are the proud parents of twin children, Abigail and Aaron.  Dr. Dickstein enjoys volunteering, coaching and officiating ice hockey as well as playing golf.

Email: gary.dickstein@wright.edu