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Student Handbook

University Honors Program


The University Honors Program is a comprehensive, university-wide effort to provide ambitious students with academic challenges and a specialized environment that helps them make the most of their undergraduate education. From Honors sections of Wright State Core courses to interdisciplinary seminars for juniors and seniors, the program offers a stimulating and challenging enhancement to a student’s traditional academic program. Small classes are populated by engaged and highly motivated students and are led by dedicated, dynamic instructors. Honors classes emphasize student participation through discussions, group projects, and presentations. Service-learning classes are offered regularly. Reading, writing, and thinking skills receive especially close attention in Honors classes. Honors classes don't necessarily mean more work, but rather a different kind of work: Honors students are active participants in their education.

To Apply

Students may apply for admission to the University Honors Program at any time. Applications are available from the University Honors Program Office in 243 Millett Hall and online at www.wright.edu/honors . First-year students (direct from high school) who meet any two of the following three criteria are accepted into the program: (1) high school GPA of at least 3.25, (2) rank in the top 10 percent of graduating class, (3) score on the ACT or SAT in the 90th percentile or higher. Continuing or transfer students should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Students who do not meet these criteria may contact the office to petition for admission.

To Register

Information about Honors courses is available in WINGS Express. Additionally, a list of Honors classes and registration information is emailed each semester to students in the program. Those who are actively pursuing Honors degree designations have priority registration.

To Graduate with Honors

Students who complete any seven Honors courses with an A or B in a combination that includes at least one UH 2010 or 2020 course; at least two Honors Core courses; and at least one UH 4000 seminar; and who satisfy departmental or college Honors program requirements will graduate as University Honors Scholars.

Students who earn A's or B's in seven Honors courses in the distribution described above and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 (for students entering Fall 2006 and after) will graduate as General Studies Honors Scholars.

To earn the Departmental Honors Scholar degree designation, students must complete the Honors requirements of their major. Departmental Honors projects usually involve conducting research under the direction of a faculty mentor. Consult the Honors office for more detailed information about individual departmental Honors requirements.

All Honors degree designations are recorded on the transcript and listed in the commencement program.

Additional Opportunities

The University Honors Program offers students co-curricular opportunities to build their leadership, social, and communication skills.  Honors students are engaged in study abroad, service-learning projects/trips, Honors conferences, and socials.  Honors students are regular participants at the annual Mid-East Honors Association conference, where they often present research papers and participate in panel presentations. The Student Honors Association is an active student organization affiliated with the University Honors Program and is open to all Honors students.

The Honors Residence Hall is an attractive option for living on campus. It features an electronic classroom, a 25-station computer lab, a convenience store, coffee shop, and fitness center. The building also houses a community kitchen, TV lounge, and game room.  Unique programming and advising are provided by the Honors Faculty-in-Residence who lives in the building.


The University Honors Program awards scholarships to continuing Honors students on a competitive basis.  All scholarships are awarded as funds are available, and more information is available at http://www.wright.edu/honors/paying-for-college.

The University Honors Program serves as the home of the Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships Resource Center  at Wright State.  Any student—even those not admitted to the program—who is interested in applying for prestigious fellowships and/or national scholarships, such as the Goldwater, Truman, Phi Kappa Phi, and others, can find more information at www.wright.edu/honors/paying-for-college.

For more information about the University Honors Program, visit the Honors Office in 243 Millett Hall or the website at www.wright.edu/honors.