Asian and Native American (ANA) Center


Main Function

The main functions of the Asian and Native American Center are to:

  • Offer support services for the success of Asian and Native American students.
  • Advocate on their behalf to the university administration.
  • Raise awareness in the campus community on Asian and Native American issues.
  • Offer cultural events aimed not only at enhancing the Asian and Native American students' sense of identity, but also developing an appreciation for the Asian and Native American cultures among all members of the Wright State community.

Programs & Activities

The center's programs and activities include:

  • Lecture Series
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Leadership Program
  • Recognition/Awards Program
  • Open House/Receptions
  • Film Series
  • Native American Heritage Month Celebration
  • Asian Heritage Month Celebration



The center works collaboratively with the Bolinga Black Cultural Resource Center and Women's Center to co-sponsor common programs featuring the uniqueness and commonalities among the three centers. Additionally, the center also collaborates with other units and academic departments on educational and cultural programs. Located in 154 Millett, (937) 775-2798, the center is a "home away from home" for all students on campus.  


ANA Resource Library

The center contains a variety of articles, magazines, books and videos specific to Asian and Native American culture and interests.


Resources & Referrals

Our Resource and Referral Service connects students with the many academic services, programs and activities available on campus and in the community. It also serves as a "clearinghouse" to the campus and Dayton community for information regarding the Asian and Native American experience.