How to Read Class Listings

Special Registration Explanations

Course Numbering

Number Description
0-0999 Remedial precollege-level courses.
1000-2999 Lower division courses intended for undergraduate credit only.

 The first digit indicates the general level of the courses: 1 for a first-year course, 2 for a second-year course.


Upper division courses carrying undergraduate credit only. The first digit indicates the general level of course: 3 for a third-year course, 4 for a fourth-year course.

5000-5999 Courses that carry graduate credit only in a major field other than that of the department offering the course.
6000-6999 Courses that carry graduate credit in any major field.
7000-7999 Courses for graduate credit only.
8000-9999 Courses intended for post-master's or doctoral-level work.

Distance Learning Courses

Two terms are used at Wright State when describing distance learning classes:

Web Only Courses

Web Only courses are taught entirely online and can be taken from your home, school, office, etc. A faculty member within a Web-course management system called WebCT administers course content, discussions, interactions, and resources. Attendance in a physical classroom is minimal to none.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are those in which the Web is used to strengthen the traditional classroom learning environment with online resources, discussions, and/or activities. Some online activities may be required to complete the course. A student enrolled in a Hybrid course is still required to attend class sessions on campus. These courses will also follow the conventional quarter start/finish schedule.

If you are looking for a Web Only class, select Web Only in the "Session" field when looking at the online class listings. Web Only classes are also listed in the general class listings, "Web Only" or Hybrid will appear in the course information that appears below the course number and title. You can find a current list of distance learning courses as well as technical requirements (computer type, software, etc.) on the Distance Learning Web site.

Lake Campus Class Designations

Lake Campus classes have a W preceding the section number, i.e., Acc 201, W01. In the online class listings, Lake Campus class will have a designation of "L" in the campus code field (CMP). Dayton or main campus classes have a designation of "M".

Writing Across the Curriculum

How to Read WINGS Express Course Look-up

  • CRN:
    The CRN can be used, and recorded to expedite the registration process. The CRN is a five digit number that is unique for a specific class that you may need to registrar for. This number may be asked for at the registrar window, on departmental permission slips, and on Wings Express for the worksheet.
  • Subj:
    The Subj. field will display an abbreviation for the full course subject. I.E. Accountancy is abbreviated ACC.
  • Crse:
    The Crse field will display the course number, i.e., Accounting Principles II is equivalent to ACC 2020.
  • Sec:
    The Sec field will display the section number. Many courses will be taught in many different lectures through the semester. NOTE: Most sections above 90 are online classes. Summer classes will have a designation of A, B, C, D, E or F that appears before the section number. The letter indicates which the summer term in which the class is offered. Section numbers with a W indicate that the course is being offered by the WSU Lake Campus in Celina.
  • Cmp:
    Is the field to display which campus the class is being offered. (M= Main Campus, L= Lake Campus).
  • Cred:
    The field that will display the number of credit hours the course is worth.
  • Title:
    The title of the course will be displayed in this field.
  • Days:
    This section will display the days of the week that the class will meet.
  • Time:
    This field will display the scheduled time of day the course will meet on specified days.
  • Cap./ XL Cap:
    This field will display the number of students permitted in the class. NOTE: This number may vary from each section of the course.