Fall Protection Competent Person USACE

IDS 100 – Fall Protection Competent Person Training (2-Day) USACE requirement per EM 385-1-1



  • May 11-12 Click here to register.

LOCATION FOR ALL COURSES ARE:  Fairborn, OH  (Map and Directions)

To register please contact: Mr. Bill Harchick Office: 937-775-7625 or by email william.harchick@wright.edu


A competent person is defined by OSHA as a designated person with sufficient experience and/or knowledge to recognize fall hazards, correct unsafe conditions, and who has the ability to shut down the worksite until any hazards are corrected. The competent person should be the most knowledgeable person, in this case about fall protection, on site.

NCMR Fall Protection for the Competent Person course ensures that a student will receive all of the proper training pursuant to OSHAs requirement of Competent Persons for this standard 29 CFR 1926.500.  In addition, topics and requirements are presented per EM 385-1-1. This course will go beyond the basic awareness level of introductory courses and into details necessary when learning not just how to protect yourself, but what it takes to initiate a program and create a safe working environment for those you may be responsible for at your place of employment.


None (This course is specific to the guidlines in EM 385-1) 


  • Regulations relating to all Fall Protection topics
  • Fall hazard elimination and controls methods
  • Fall hazard surveys and fall protection procedures
  • Responsibilities of Competent Persons
  • Detailed inspection of equipment components and systems
  • Fall protection system assessments and determining when a system is unsafe
  • Fall protection rescue procedures
  • Selection and use of non-certified anchorages
  • Fall hazard surveys


This course is for Managers, Immediate supervisors of individuals working at height, Safety professionals or Other key personnel that are responsible for the supervision, implementation and monitoring of a managed fall protection program.


Safety Managers, Safety Directors, Onsite Managers, Supervisors, Section Leads, Responsible Persons.


Upon successful course completion, including demonstration of skills competency on all learning stations and passing skills test and a written test, students receive a Competent Person Fall Protection course certificate and completion card, valid for two years.


The cost for this course is subject to contracted price set by U.S. Government. To register please contact: Mr. Bill Harchick Office: 937-775-7625 or by email william.harchick@wright.edu

*Morning and afternoon snacks and light refreshments provided, but students will be required to purchase or bring their own lunch.

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Fall protection class will be held at NCMR this May