• What is the NCMR?

    The National Center for Medical Readiness is an organization dedicated to improving individual and community-wide readiness, response, and recovery from emergencies and disasters. This is accomplished through programs dedicated to saving lives and developing resiliency.

  • Who is NCMR affiliated with?

    NCMR is fully owned and operated by Wright State University. Although we have several partnership and customer relationships, there is no official shared ownership with any other local, state, or federal agency or organization. The Director of NCMR answers directly to Wright State’s Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies.

  • How is NCMR funded?

    NCMR receives funding from the customers who pay for services. Sometimes customers get grants that allow them to benefit from NCMR services and facilities. At other times, NCMR may be the recipient of grant funds that can subsidize customers to utilize our capabilities. Industry customers also may pay direct through contractual agreements.

  • Why NCMR when there are so many other similar organizations?

    There are many high-quality programs throughout the United States that provide excellent services to our nation’s responding community. NCMR has a unique blend of capabilities and strategic partnerships that make it able to adapt to customer needs while maintaining its sharp focus on emergency and disaster topics. Our growing capabilities in data capture and transmission, modeling and simulation, UAS (unmanned aerial systems) test and operations, and our vital connection to the U.S. military are all examples of this agile — yet focused — capability.

  • Where does NCMR provide its services? Can NCMR come to me?

    NCMR’s commitment to meeting customers’ needs means that we provide our services at your convenience. This can be at our 52-acre training facility in Fairborn, Ohio, or at a location of your choice. We have trained across the country and know how to deploy the right people and the right stuff to your doorstep. Our facility has great capability but it in no way constrains our flexibility to meet your requirements.

  • Is NCMR’s expertise strictly medical?

    The simple answer is no. Our mission statement does not limit us to the medical domain. Although we have strong medical ties and expertise, our capabilities have broadened and encompass a greater spectrum of domains and services. For instance, our capabilities extend into emergency management, unmanned aerial vehicles, live, virtual, and constructive modeling and simulation among others. Our goal is to be agile and to meet the needs of the customer while staying sharply focused on our mission.

  • Many of your photos show military personnel. Is NCMR a military-only program?

    No. We certainly enjoy having our military partners working with us. However, we gladly serve all sectors as requirements demand. Our in-house expertise spans local, state, and federal civilian response as well as active and National Guard military experiences.