Syntax change 1/2015

Please note that the value of the "src" attribute has changed.  No more trying to find embed codes!

You can insert audio onto a page like in ArtsGala.

This can be done by using Soundcloud and using the short code [audio]. Below is an example code from ArtsGala.

  1. Locate a track you would like to have displayed on a page off of Soundcloud. ArtsGala Soundcloud »
  2. Use the URL of that page as the 'src' value for the [audio] shortcode.

    [audio src=""]

Accessibility Considerations

All users should be able to benefit from your audio, regardless of visual, aural, or situational impairment. You are expected to provide a full text transcript for audio files. Don't say anything in audio that couldn't be learned elsewhere on your site. Not every user is going to have the time, bandwidth, means, or desire to listen to your audio, so telling the facts in writing is essential.