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Improving Grand Lake St. Marys

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About Grand Lake St. Marys
As the largest inland lake in Ohio and one of the state's greatest resources, Grand Lake St. Marys is home to over 11,000 residents and hosts over 750,000 visitors annually - which account for an economic contribution worth over $150 million. 

Issues With Grand Lake St. Marys

Grand Lake St. Marys is facing a crisis that threatens its very existence, the lives of the animals and plants it supports, and the safety, economical and recreational opportunities of the people who call the Wabash Watershed “Home.”  The water quality of the lake is degrading at an alarming rate, and if it is not improved Grand Lake St. Marys – Ohio's Other Great Lake – will become little more than a lifeless, foul-smelling pool that threatens to drain the livelihood of all the area's individuals, families, and businesses.
The Grand Lake St. Marys water crisis has been brought on by a number of conditions over the past decades, including:  

  • Nutrient runoff
    • The lake contains high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen which causes the presence of blue-green algae. This type of algae is not wanted, and it is through this intiative to improve the quality of Grand Lake St. Marys that the blue-green algae will not be present.
  • Elimination of natural banks
  • Industrial and residential drainage
  • Shallow lake depth
  • Political inactivity


The key to saving Grand Lake St. Marys is to prevent pollution from entering the lake and its tributaries.  Fortunately, many of the practices that prevent pollution also make for more efficient agricultural and community operations, ultimately saving time and money and making business more profitable. 

Wright State University - Lake Campus has been located on the northern shores of Grand Lake St. Marys since 1972. Lake Campus faculty, staff, students and the Western Ohio Education Foundation (WOEF) have a vested interest in improving the quality of Grand Lake St. Marys.


For more information visit www.lakeimprovement.com.

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