Below are links to semester Departmental Honors Programs that have been approved by the Honors Committee, the Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee, and the Faculty Senate.

Raj Soin College of Business

College of Nursing and Health


Below are lists of Departmental Honors liaisons who are available to advise students completing honors projects in the major.

Raj Soin College of Business

Business - JoAnn Bevelhymer

College of Education and Human Services

Athletic Training - Rebekah Bower
Health, Physical Education and Recreation - Drew Pringle
Rehabilitation Services - Steve Fortson, Ryan Taylor
Teacher Education - Colleen Finegan

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Biomedical, Industrial, and Human Factors Engineering - David Reynolds
Computer Science and Computer Engineering - Jay DeJongh, Karen Meyer, Ron Taylor
Electrical Engineering - Shawn Rudegeair
Mechanical and Materials Engineering - Heather Casto

College of Liberal Arts

Art History - Glen Cebulash
Classics, Philosophy, and Religion - Ava Chamberlain
Communication - Marie Thompson
Crime and Justice Studies - Karen Lahm
Dance - Victoria Oleen
English - Carol Mejia-LaPerle
Geography and Urban Affairs - Jack Dustin
History - Carol Herringer
International Studies - December Green
Modern Languages - Marie Hertzler
Motion Pictures - Victoria Oleen
Music - Dennis Loranger
Political Science - Donna Schlagheck
Social Science Education - Noeleen McIlvenna
Social Work - Sarah Twill
Sociology and Anthropology - Tracey Steele
Theatre - Vicki Oleen
Urban Affairs - Jack Dustin
Women's Studies - Hope Jennings

College of Nursing and Health

Nursing - Tess Spector-Prague

College of Science and Math

Biological Sciences - Meredith Rodgers
Chemistry - David Grossie, Ken Turnbull
Earth and Environmental Sciences - David Dominic, David Schmidt
Mathematics - Phan Loi
Physics - Doug Petkie
Psychology - Herb Colle