Course descriptions for the Fall 2015 University Honors (UH) classes are posted below. (Watch for updates!) Refer to WINGS Express via the WINGS portal for a complete listing of all Honors courses, including days, times, and locations.

Fall 2015

UH 2010-01 Travel Literature (Rubin)

This is a course about travel and a course about literature: the literature that people write inspired by their travels. Travel literature is often misunderstood and often not taken seriously by the mainstream literati: in this course students will define, examine, analyze, and interpret the writings of travelers. They will become travel writers themselves, composing a piece of travel literature based on their own previous travels. The course is a seminar, which means that active participation in class discussion is absolutely required and expected. (UH 2010 satisfies the Arts/Humanities Element in the Core curriculum.)

UH 2010-02 Poetry for Any Major (Blakelock)

This course will look at selected contemporary poetry of the past 35 years and at how the study of poetry complements the language potency of everyday personal and professional exchanges. Students will examine how "new" poetry connects readers to a world of vernacular language rhythms, language crossovers, and intellectual diversity. Students will showcase their engagement with poetry and language in Web 2.0 projects. Open to all majors, including English majors. (UH 2010 satisfies the Arts/Humanities Element in the Core curriculum.)

UH 2020-01 Political Leadership in America (Leonard)

Political Leadership is the study of some of America's past leaders, their decisions, and the character traits that separate leaders from followers in complex times. Students will work in teams, choose a world leader, and make a creative presentation to the class, as part of a final exam, that portrays their chosen subject, decisions made by that leader, and the character traits that facilitated the subject's decision making process. (UH 2020 satisfies the Social Science Element in the Core curriculum.)

UH 2020-90 Decision Making (Morrisette)

Decision making is an integral part of our daily lives, ranging from the relatively simple--shall I have Coke or coffee?--to the complex and seemingly insoluble--how can we reduce the rate of violent crime in the U.S.? Regardless of one's area of interest or expertise, difficult decisions must be made. This course provides an introduction to the concepts of decision theory, systems analysis, and rational analytic techniques of decision making, as well as an exploration of non-rational theory and processes. Students will analyze the process and the assumptions that underlie the process from several viewpoints and disciplines: rationality, incrementalism, analytical reasoning, and complexity and chaos. (UH 2020 satisfies the Social Science Element in the Core curriculum.)

UH 4000-02 American Culture Through Baseball Coming of Age Stories (Peterson)

We will look at how fiction writers have interpreted the American coming-of-age experience through the lens of baseball. Using texts from the late nineteenth century to the present, we will examine the various social roles that baseball has played in American culture across the years. Moving beyond the habit of viewing baseball as a metaphor for America, we will identify aspects of how competition and sport in general -- and baseball in particular -- are integral parts of American culture. In addition to all of this, we will try not to lose sight of the fact that baseball is a game and that reading about it should be at least as pleasurable as watching it.

UH 4000-03 Presidential Controversies (Sayer)

This course will be an examination of six exciting and controversial Presidential elections -- long before the mess in Campaign 2000. Through research, presentations, and writing, students will have an interdisciplinary experience across communication, history, and political science.

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