Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for the Summer 2017 University Honors (UH) classes are posted below. (Watch for updates!) Refer to WINGS Express via the WINGS portal for a complete listing of all Honors courses, including days, times, and locations.

Summer 2017

UH 4000-C90 Government & Science Fiction (Morrisette) - web only

The goal of this course is to examine the relationship between citizens and their government.  Science fiction writers, because of the genre in which they produce their works, are often very adept at taking political ideas to their ultimate - and often unforeseen - conclusions.  Thus, through the medium of the science fiction story, we will examine various areas of government and politics including, but not limited to:

(1)  Citizenship - the privileges and responsibilities of a citizen
(2)  Equality - the meaning of equality and the responsibilities of government
(3)  Franchise - to whom should the right to vote be granted
(4)  Dissent - under what circumstances and in what manner may citizens express their dissent
(5)  Police Power - the use of government force