Fall 2020 Update

Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

Graduate School

Graduate Council Members


Boonshoft School of Medicine

Member Role
Andrew Froehle Faculty Member 2017-2020
Matthew Peterson Faculty Member 2016-2019
John McAlearney Faculty Member 2015-2018
Michael Markey Faculty Alternate 2017-2020

College of Education & Human Services

Member Role
Suzanne Franco Faculty Member 2017-2020
Hannah Chai Faculty Member 2016-2019
Michelle Fleming Faculty Member 2015-2018
Sheri Stove Faculty Alternate 2017-2020

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Member Role
Arnab Shaw Faculty Member 2017-2020
John Gallagher Faculty Member 2015-2018
Michael Raymer Faculty Member 2016-2019
James Menart Faculty Alternate 2017-2020

College of Liberal Arts

Member Role
Chigon Kim Faculty Member 2017-2020
Awad Halabi Faculty Member 2015-2018
Valerie Stoker Faculty Member 2017-2019
Drew Swanson Faculty Alternate 2016-2019

College of Nursing & Health

Member Role
Brenda Young Faculty Member 2017-2020
Misty Richmond Faculty Member 2016-2019
Tracy Brewer Faculty Member 2015-2018
Bobbe Gray Faculty Alternate 2015-2018

College of Science & Mathematics

Member Role
Kathrin Engisch Faculty Member 2017-2020
Lynn Hartzler Faculty Member 2016-2019
Mill Miller Faculty Member 2015-2018
Scott Watamaniuk Faculty Alternate 2017-2020

Lake Campus

Member Role
Charles Ciampaglio Faculty Member 2017-2020

Raj Soin College of Business

Member Role
James Hamister Faculty Member 2017-2020
Kimberly Lukaszewski Faculty Member 2016-2019
John Cook Faculty Member 2015-2018
Andrew Beauchamp Faculty Alternate 2017-2020

School of Professional Psychology

Member Role
Janeece Warfield  Faculty Member 2017-2020
Michelle Vaughan Faculty Alternate 2017-2020

Non-voting Members

Member Role
Robert Fyffe VP of Research & Dean of the Graduate School
Barry Milligan Interim Associate Dean, Graduate School
Dean/Dean's Designates:  
  Margaret Dunn/
Jim Ebert
  Joe Keferl/
Jim Tomlin
  Nathan Klingbeil/
Jennie Gallimore
  Linda Caron/
Jonathan Winkler
  Deborah Ulrich/
Deb Poling
  Douglas Leaman/
Chris Wyatt
  Thomas Traynor RSCOB
  LePearl Logan Winfrey SOPP
  Jay Albayyari Lake Campus
Ph.D. Program Directors:  
  Frank Ciarallo Engineering
  Don Cipollini Environmental Sciences
  K. T. Arasu Interdisciplinary Applied Science and Math
Thomas Sudkamp Provost
Sheila Shellabarger University Librarian
Travis Doom Faculty Senate President
  Graduate School Senator, Student Government
Wais Mehrabi Graduate Student Assembly President