Graduate Council Manual


This manual presents the current policies and procedures pertaining to the function and composition of the Graduate Council, graduate faculty membership, and graduate curriculum procedures. The policies and procedures in this manual have been approved by the Graduate Council. Designed to serve the Wright State academic departments/programs and faculty, this manual supersedes previous editions.

The procedures are presented in detail so that anyone undertaking a particular course of action, be it applying for graduate faculty status or requesting additions to program curricula, will know the necessary steps to follow. I encourage you to become familiar with the range and intent of these policies.

The Graduate School will maintain and update this manual on a regular basis, as substantive policy changes are made by the Graduate Council or as procedural changes become necessary. Please contact the Graduate School (E344 Student Union, 775-2976) for information or clarification of any policy or procedural matter contained in this manual. As always, we will be glad to provide you assistance.

The material in this manual has been prepared for information purposes and does not constitute a contract between students, faculty, administrators, Graduate School, Colleges/Schools, and the University. The University reserves the right to make changes in policy, regulations, and programs without notice.

R. William Ayres,
Associate Dean, Graduate School