The View to a Cure

Meldrick Mpagi, '08 M.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Meldrick MpagiWill we find a cure for cancer? Maybe not in our lifetime. But Meldrick Mpagi's laboratory research on tumor suppressor gene P53 allows us to view that possibility in the future.

Early in his graduate study, he was busy in the Center for Genomics Research at Wright State, testing the effects of gene regulation. If P53 becomes inactivated or mutated, it leads to tumors. And tumors lead to cancer. So how can we stop that from happening? That's the challenge presented to Mpagi and his colleagues.

Mpagi notes that his professors at Wright State made a real difference in his experience—their availability, respect, and openness.

Our hope is that Meldrick Mpagi—and his fellow researchers—will make a real difference for the health of the human race. And he is optimistic about making a contribution. "It's always something to work for. If you can find a way to eliminate tumors, you're on your way to eliminating cancer."