Graduate Assistantships

photo of a teaching assistantAll of Wright State’s graduate departments have a limited number of graduate assistantship positions available each year. As a graduate assistant, you must devote a minimum number of hours a week (not to exceed 28) to assistantship responsibilities and maintain full-time graduate status. Graduate assistants receive a stipend as well as a tuition remission. Normally, graduate assistants receive an appointment for the academic year beginning with fall term.

There are three types of graduate assistantship appointments:

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA)

Students are engaged in instruction and have primary responsibility for one or more class sections (e.g., lecture, laboratory, or discussion sessions).

Graduate Assistants (GA)

Students are assigned non-instructional or nonteaching duties. These duties require service to the university and should be in support of an instructional, research, or public service function.

Graduate Research Assistants (GRA)

Students participate in separately funded research program activities or support a departmental research effort. These activities can be applicable to the graduate degree as a research component.