2018-19 Graduate Faculty

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Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Abadie Pascale Regular N/A
Abayowa Bernard Adjunct 06 21
Abbas Fakhar-I  Adjunct  06 22
Abrahamowicz Dan Adjunct 06 21
Adragna Norma Regular  N/A
Aga Rachel Regular  N/A
Agiro Christa Regular N/A
Agrawal Abinash Regular  N/A
Agrawal Sangeeta Regular N/A
Aguiar   Amy Adjunct 06 19
Ainina M. Fall Regular  N/A
Ajami Riad Regular  N/A
Akhbari Marlena Regular N/A
Alarcon Gene Adjunct 06 22
Albery William B. Regular  N/A
Allen Jeffrey Regular  N/A
Allison Darcy Adjunct 06 22
Alter Gerald Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Alter Sherman Regular N/A
Alvarez Francisco Regular  N/A
Alvarez-Leefmans Francisco Javier Regular  N/A
Alyanak Edward Adjunct 06 19
Amer Maher Regular  N/A
Amon James Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Anderson Julie Adjunct 06 19
Anderson Liam Regular  N/A
Anderson Robert Adjunct 06 20
Anstadt Mark Regular  N/A
Anyanwu Ogan  Kemafor  Adjunct 06 22
Arasu K T Regular  N/A
Arlian Larry Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Armstrong John Adjunct 06 19
Arumugam Kuppuswamy Regular N/A
Asamoah Daniel Regular N/A
Ash Joshua Regular N/A
Asman Gregory Adjunct 06 20
Attariani Hamed Regular N/A
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Badiru Adedeji Adjunct 06 21
Bae Ha-Rok Regular N/A
Bahn Volker Regular N/A
Baird Scott Regular N/A
Baker Bud (Francis) Regular  N/A
Balster Erik Adjunct 06 19
Banerjee Tanvi Regular N/A
Banks Erik Regular N/A
Banks Robert Adjunct 06 21
Bargerhuff Mary Ellen Adjunct 06 21
Barker Kristin Adjunct 06 20
Barlow Cassie Adjunct 06 22
Barnes Lawrence Adjunct 06 23
Barnett Jessica Regular N/A
Barr David  Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Barry Detrice Regular N/A
Barton Christopher Regular  N/A
Bashaw Marie Regular N/A
Bashir Huma Regular N/A
Basista Beth Regular  N/A
Batten Susan Adjunct 06 21
Baudendistel Craig Adjunct 06 19
Baumann Michael Regular  N/A
Beauchamp Andrew Regular N/A
Beck Christopher Adjunct 06 19
Beecher Elizabeth Adjunct 06 20
Behymer  Kyle Adjunct 06 23
Bellisari Anna Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Bemrose Travis Adjunct 06 23
Bender Paul Adjunct 06 21
Bennett Eric Regular N/A
Bennett Kevin Regular  N/A
Bennett Winston Adjunct 06 21
Beran Philip Adjunct 06 19
Berberich Steven Regular  N/A
Bergdahl Jacqueline Regular  N/A
Bernhardt Gregory Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Bernstein Jack Regular  N/A
Bertog Janet Adjunct 06 23
Bhandari Shreya Regular N/A
Bharwani Govind Adjunct 06 22
Bigley Nancy Regular  N/A
Bihl Ji Chen Regular N/A
Bihl Trevor Adjunct 06 23
Binder S. Bruce  Adjunct 06 19
Blaha Leslie Adjunct 06 19
Blair John Regular  N/A
Bloom Jennifer Adjunct 06 22
Bobko Philip Adjunct 06 19
Bodenreider Olivier Adjunct 06 22
Boeckl John Adjunct  06 19
Boesch Maura Regular N/A
Boivin Gregory Regular N/A
Bommer Sharon Adjunct 06 21
Bonch Xenia Regular N/A
Booth David Regular N/A
Bork Erik Adjunct 06 19
Boucher Janet Adjunct 06 19
Bourbakis Nikolaos Regular  N/A
Bower Rebekah Adjunct 06 19
Bowling Ann Regular N/A
Bowling Nathan Regular  N/A
Boyd Brian Regular N/A
Boydston Alan Adjunct 06 19
Braydich-Stolle Laura Adjunct 06 22
Breeding Emilie Adjunct 06 22
Brewer Tracy Regular N/A
Bricker Dean Adjunct 06 22
Bright David Regular N/A
Brill J. Christopher Adjunct 06 23
Brothers Soren Adjunct 06 22
Broughton Nancy Regular N/A
Brown Elliott Regular N/A
Brown Jeffrey Adjunct 06 23
Brown Kevin Regular N/A
Brown Thomas Regular  N/A
Bruce Scott Regular N/A
Brun Carl Regular N/A
Bryant Adam Regular N/A
Bryant Brad Adjunct 06 20
Bryant Michael Adjunct 06 22
Bubulya Athanasios Adjunct 06 23
Bubulya Paula Regular  N/A
Buck Erik Adjunct 06 19
Bukovinsky Davidw Regular N/A
Bulen Dennis Regular N/A
Bullock Richard Regular  N/A
Burke Brian Regular N/A
Burns Gary Regular  N/A
Burnworth Daniela Adjunct 06 19
Busher Ed Adjunct 06 23
Butler Linda Adjunct 06 20
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Cai Shengrong Regular N/A
Call Kathleen Adjunct 06 19
Camberos Jose Adjunct 06 20
Cameron Beth Adjunct 06 20


Adjunct 06 21
Canfield Robert Adjunct 06 20
Cao Caroline Regular N/A
Cao Yongcan Adjunct  06 20
Carus Patrick Adjunct 06 23
Carhuatanta Kimberly Adjunct  06 19
Carlsen Roger Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Carley Robert Regular N/A
Caron Linda Regular  N/A
Carpenter Mary Ellen Adjunct 06 20
Carrafiello Susan Regular  N/A
Carral David Adjunct 06 21
Carter James Regular N/A
Carter Nicole Adjunct 06 21
Cartwright Steven Adjunct 06 23
Carus Patrick Adjunct 06 19
Cauley Katherine Regular N/A
Cavanaugh Joseph Regular N/A
Cebulash Glen Regular N/A
Cenkci Ada Adjunct 06 21
Cerny Charles Adjunct 06 20
Chadd Betsy Adjunct 06 19
Chaffee Christopher Regular N/A
Chai Hannah Regular N/A
Chakravarthy Vasu Adjunct 06 20
Chamberlain Ava Regular  N/A
Chace Mary Regular N/A
Chapleau Richard Adjunct 06 21
Cheatham Michelle Regular N/A
Chen Chien-In Henry Regular  N/A
Chen Huey-Shys Adjunct 06 19
Chen Keke Regular N/A
Chen Yanfang Regular  N/A
Chen Yu Qing Regular  N/A
Cheng Chi-Hao Adjunct 06 20
Cheng Gong Adjunct 06 21
Cheng Huaining Adjunct 06 22
Cheng Songlin Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Chinov Stefan Regular N/A
Chizever Hirsch Adjunct 06 19
Cho Kwang-Jin Regular N/A
Choh Audrey Regular  N/A
Choi Yongjun Regular N/A
Choudhury Enamul Regular  N/A
Chumlea William Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Chung Soon M. Regular  N/A
Ciampaglio Charles Regular  N/A
Ciarallo Frank Regular  N/A
Cigrang Jeffrey Regular N/A
Cinibulk Michael Adjunct 06 21
Cipollini Donald Regular  N/A
Claflin Dragana Regular  N/A
Clark Jerry Regular  N/A
Clark John Adjunct 06 21
Clark Matthew Adjunct 06 22
Clark Tamara Adjunct 06 19
Cline John (Chris) Adjunct 06 21
Clouse Hamilton (Scott) Adjunct 06 22
Cole Donna J. Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Colle Herbert Regular  N/A
Collier Jacqueline Adjunct 06 19
Collins Hila Adjunct 06 19
Collins Peter Adjunct 06 20
Combs Lisa Adjunct 06 20
Comfort Kristen Adjunct 06 19
Conley Cheryl Adjunct 06 20
Conteh John Regular N/A
Cook John Regular N/A
Cook Witt Katahdin Adjunct 06 20
Cooke Catherine Adjunct 06 20
Cool David Regular  N/A
Cooper Beth Adjunct 06 21
Cope Timothy Regular  N/A
Corbett Adrian Regular  N/A
Corbett Andrew Adjunct 06 19
Corbitt Eric Adjunct  06 22
Costa Carlos Regular N/A
Coutu, Jr. Ronald Adjunct 06 22
Cox D. Franklin Regular N/A
Cox Jerome Adjunct 06 22
Cox Michael Adjunct 06 21
Craig Michael Regular N/A
Crawford Timothy Regular  N/A
Crites Betsy Adjunct 06 20
Croucher Beth Adjunct 06 19
Crusan Deborah Regular  N/A
Cruz Isabel Adjunct 06 19
Cubberley Mark Regular N/A
Cuenca Grau  Bernardo Adjunct 06 21
Curl Angela Adjunct 06 20
Curry Donna Regular  N/A
Curry Edward Adjunct 06 21
Cusack Michael Adjunct  06 21
Cutcliffe John Regular N/A
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
D'Angelo Joseph Adjunct 06 23
D'Angelo Maurissa Adjunct 06 23
Dahlem Gregory Adjunct 06 22
Dahlman Henry Regular  N/A
Dahms Ken Adjunct 06 19
Danals Richard Adjunct 06 21
Daniel Dane Regular N/A
Daniulaityte Raminta Regular N/A
Davis Stephanie Regular N/A
Davis Timothy Adjunct 6 22
Davy Jeanette Regular (Emeritus) N/A
DeGennaro Brian Adjunct 06 19
DeWeese Christopher Regular N/A
Deaton Joshua Adjunct  06 20
Deer Joe Regular N/A
Deibel Jason Regular  N/A
Dempsey Anita Regular N/A
Denison Barbara Regular N/A
Dennis Patrick Regular  N/A
Derriso Mark Adjunct 06 19
Destephen Daniel Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Di Fulvio Mauricio Regular N/A
Dierking Matthew Adjunct 06 19
Dillard Cynthia Adjunct 06 22
Dinsmore John Regular N/A
Dobbins James Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Dodge Robin Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Dohn Michael Adjunct 06 21
Dolson David Regular  N/A
Doman David Adjunct 06 21
Dombrowski Joanne Regular  N/A
Dominic David Regular  N/A
Dona Elfe Regular N/A
Dong Guozhu Regular  N/A
Dong Haibo Adjunct 06 20
Doom Travis Regular  N/A
Doran Derek Regular N/A
Dorn Jacob Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Dorn Theresa Adjunct 06 20
Dowling Pamela Adjunct 06 20
Dragon Wendy Regular N/A
Draper Mark Adjunct 06 20
Dregalla Herbert Regular  N/A
Drummy Lawrence Adjunct 06 23
Duffey Lisa Adjunct 06 19
Duffy Kevin Regular N/A
Dumas Cedric Adjunct 06 20
Dung Tran Huu Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Dungey Clifton Adjunct 06 21
Dunigan Angela Adjunct 06 19
Dunne James Regular N/A
Duren Dana Regular  N/A
Durmusoglu Gokce Regular N/A
Durr Marlese Regular N/A
Durstock Michael Adjunct 06 20
Dustin Jack Regular  N/A
DuVivier Roxanne Regular N/A
Dynes Diane Adjunct 06 19
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Easterday Kathryn Regular N/A
Ebert James Regular N/A
Edwards Jean Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Edwards Rebecca Regular N/A
Eggemeier F Thomas Regular  N/A
Eguaroje Frank Adjunct 06 20
Ehret Dana Adjunct  06 21
Ehrmin Joanne Adjunct 06 21
El-Amouri Salim Adjunct 06 19
Elam Sherilyn Adjunct 06 19
Elangovan Arvind Regular N/A
Elased Khalid Regular  N/A
Elbasiouny Sherif Regular N/A
Elder Bonnie Laurel Regular N/A
Elkins Alex Adjunct 06 19
Ellis David Adjunct 06 22
Ellison Sylvia Adjunct 06 19
Elston Amy Adjunct 06 19
Emmert John Regular  N/A
Engisch Kathrin Regular  N/A
Ergun Gocke Regular N/A
Erich Roger Adjunct 06 23
Ernst Frederick Regular  N/A
Eustace Rosemary Regular N/A
Evans Anthony Regular  N/A
Evans Dean Adjunct 06 22
Evans Laurie Adjunct 06 21
Excoffon Katherine Regular  N/A
Ezekiel Judith Adjunct 06 21
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Fairchild Steven Adjunct  06 22
Falck Russel Adjunct 06 19
Fang Weifu Regular  N/A
Farajian Amir Regular  N/A
Farlow Gary Regular  N/A
Farmer Berkwood Regular N/A
Farmer Linda Regular N/A
Farra Sharon Regular N/A
Farrell Ann Regular  N/A
Fass Robert David Adjunct 06 19
Fausnaugh Ronald  Adjunct 06 23
Feld William Regular  N/A
Feldmeier John Regular N/A
Fendley Mary Regular N/A
Fernander Allison Regular N/A
Fichtenbaum Rudy Regular  N/A
Filloon Thomas Regular N/A
Finegan Colleen Regular  N/A
Fitch Diane Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Fitzgerald Edward Regular N/A
Flach John Regular  N/A
Flamm Ernest Adjunct 06 19
Fleming Michelle Regular N/A
Fleming Sheila Adjunct 06 19
Flanagan Erin Regular  N/A
Flowers-Taylor Candice Adjunct 06 20
Fogt Melissa Adjunct  06 20
Folk William Adjunct 06 22
Forcier Joy Adjunct 06 21
Fortson Stephen Adjunct  06 23
Fortster Edwin Adjunct  06 21
Fossum Eric Regular  N/A
Foster Brandy Adjunct 06 20
Fowler Barbara Regular  N/A
Fox Rhonda Adjunct 06 20
Foy Brent Regular  N/A
Franco M. Suzanne Regular N/A
Francis Joshua Regular N/A
Fraser J. Scott Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Frazier John Regular  N/A
Frey Diane Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Froehle Andrew Regular N/A
Fruth Jason Regular N/A
Frysinger Phyllis Adjunct 06 23
Fuchi Kazuko Adjunct  06 19
Fuchs Zachariah Regular N/A
Funderburk S Charles Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Fyffe Robert Regular  N/A
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Gagliano Rebecca Adjunct 06 19
Gaines Elliot Regular N/A
Gaines Kenneth Regular N/A
Gallagher John Regular  N/A
Gallimore Jennie Adjunct 06 23
Ganapathy Subhashini Regular N/A
Garber Frederick D. Regular  N/A
Gardiner Mary Adjunct 06 20
Gardner Wayne Adjunct 06 21
Garman Russell Adjunct 06 19
Garner Nancy Regular N/A
Garrison David Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Gazda Lawrence Adjunct 06 20
Gearhart Jeffery Regular N/A
Gebhart Mark Regular N/A
George Tommy Adjunct 06 21
Gerberick Jeffrey Adjunct 06 21
Gerhardt Megan Adjunct 06 23
Gies Cheryl Adjunct 06 20
Gilkey Robert Regular  N/A
Gilliam Kimberly Adjunct 06 22
Gilpin Roger Regular  N/A
Gish Kathleen Adjunct 06 20
Gluck Kevin Adjunct 06 19
Gockel Joy Regular N/A
Gogineni Sandeep Adjunct 06 19
Goldenberg Robert Regular N/A
Goldfinger Melvyn Regular  N/A
Goldstein David Regular  N/A
Goltz Mark Adjucnt 06 23
Gomez-Cambronero Julian Regular  N/A
Gooden Martin Adjunct 06 19
Goodrich Kendall Regular N/A
Goodson Wendy Adjunct  06 22
Gooray Arthur Adjunct 06 19
Gorman Steven Adjunct 06 19
Gordon Seth Adjunct 06 23
Gorsuch Penelope Adjunct 06 19
Goshtasby A. Ardeshir Regular  N/A
Gossman Michael Adjunct 06 20
Goswami Tarun Regular  N/A
Graham Glenn Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Graham T. Scott Regular N/A
Grandhi Ramana Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Gray Bobbe Regular  N/A
Gray Tameaka Adjunct  06 19
Green Barbara Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Green Cecelia Adjunct 06 20
Green December Regular  N/A
Greene Lance Regular N/A
Greenspan James Regular N/A
Greenwell Brandon Adjunct  06 22
Gregor Bryan Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Gressis Nicolas Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Griffin Kenneth Adjunct 06 22
Griffin Paul Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Grigsby Claude (Curt) Adjunct 06 19
Gross David Adjunct 06 19
Grossie David Regular  N/A
Grote James Adjunct 06 19
Gruber Jimmie Sue Adjunct 06 19
Gruys Melissa Regular N/A
Guha Ramanathan Adjunct 06 22
Gulas Charles Regular  N/A
Gupta Pola Regular N/A
Gupta Pratibha Adjunct 06 19
Guthrie James Regular  N/A
Gyrard Amelie Adjuntct 06 23
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Haack E. Mark Adjunct  06 23
Haas Edward Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Hagaman Julie Adjunct 06 19
Halabi Awad Regular N/A
Hall  Ashley Regular N/A
Hall Chris Regular N/A
Hall David Regular N/A
Halling Kirsten Regular N/A
Halm Dan Regular N/A
Halter Eric Adjunct 06 20
Hambright Grant Regular N/A
Hamilton Glenn Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Hamilton Joy Adjunct 06 19
Hamister James Regular N/A
Hammerschmidt Chad Regular N/A
Hammond Crystal Regula N/A
Hangartner Thomas Regular  N/A
Hannah A. Lee Regular N/A
Hanson Lynn Adjunct 06 19
Harel Assaf Regular N/A
Harmon Julie Adjunct 06 20
Harper Glenn Adjunct 06 19
Harper Willie Adjunct 06 20
Harris Charlotte Regular  N/A
Harris Jacqueline Adjunct 06 20
Hartley Brandon Adjunct 06 21
Hartwell Carolyn Regular N/A
Hartzler Lynn Regular  N/A
Hary Stephen Adjunct 06 19
Hassanein Aboulnasr Adjunct 06 21
Haught John Regular N/A
Hauser Ernest Regular  N/A
Hayden Colleen Adjunct 06 20
He Ping Regular  N/A
Heard Tracy Adjunct 06 19
Heckman Emily Adjunct 06 19
Heidt Barbara Adjunct 06 19
Heilmann Sharon Regular N/A
Heineman William Adjunct 06 20
Helms Ronald Regular  N/A
Hemmert Mary Ann Adjunct 06 21
Henderson Phyllis Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Hendrix Jeremy Adjunct 06 19
Hennessy Michael Regular  N/A
Henson Cory Adjunct 06 19
Herchline Thomas Regular N/A
Herick David Adjunct 06 19
Herms Daniel Adjunct 06 20
Herringer Carol Regular N/A
Hersman Bethany Regular N/A
Hertzler Marie  Regular N/A
Hickey Doug Adjunct 06 22
Higgins Kari Adjunct 06 21
Higgins Steven Regular  N/A
Hill Tara Regular N/A
Hilliard Caroline Regular N/A
Himmed Braham Adjunct 06 21
Hitzler Pascal Regular N/A
Ho Lop-Fat Regular  N/A
Hoblet Karen Adjunct  06 21
Hoblit Brooke Adjunct 06 19
Hochstein Dave Regular N/A
Hogan C. Tory Adjunct 06 21
Holbert  Kimberly Adjunct 06 20
Holbert Romena Regular N/A
Holland Cindra Regular N/A
Homan Greg Regular N/A
Hong Lang Regular  N/A
Hoover Scott Adjunct 06 19
Hopkins Barbara Regular  N/A
Hopkins Donald Adjunct 06 19
Horton William Adjunct 06 21
Hossler Katie Regular N/A
Houlihan Lindsey Adjunct 06 20
Houpt Joseph Regular N/A
Houston Maggie Adjunct 06 19
Howe Brendan Adjunct 06 22
Howell Thomas G. Adjunct 06 23
Huang Chaocheng Regular  N/A
Huang George Regular  N/A
Huang Hong Regular  N/A
Huang Qingbo Regular  N/A
Hubbard Amelia Regular N/A
Huber Mary Regular N/A
Huebner Karla Regular N/A
Huelskamp Diane Regular N/A
Hughes Thomas Adjunct 06 19
Hughs Jennifer Regular N/A
Hull Barbara Regular  N/A
Hundley Stacey Adjunct 06 20
Hung Chia-Suei  Adjunct 06 22
Hunt Allen Regular  N/A
Hussain Rashida Adjunct 06 20
Hussain Saber Regular N/A
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Ivanov Aleksandr Adjunct 06 23
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Jackson LaTrelle Regular N/A
Jackson Shona Regular N/A
Jacobs Bradley Regular N/A
Jacquemin Stephen Regular N/A
Jain Prateek Adjunct 06 20
Jagow Shelley Regular N/A
James Larry Regular N/A
Jang Bor Regular  N/A
Janowicz Krzysztof Adjunct 06 20
Jasin Lisa Adjunct 06 20
Jata Kumar Adjunct  06 20
Javaid Ahend Adjunct 06 23
Jean Jack Regular  N/A
Jenkins Dante Adjunct 06 22
Jenkins Thomas Adjunct 06 19
Jennings Hope Regular N/A
Jensen Richard Regular  N/A
Jeyaraj Anand Regular N/A
John Jeffrey Regular  N/A
Johnson Andrianne Regular N/A
Johnson Angela Regular  N/A
Johnson Daniel Regular N/A
Johnson Doris Regular  N/A
Johnson Erica Adjunct 06 20
Johnson J. Russell Regular  N/A
Johnson Jay Adjunct 06 20
Johnson-Leppla   Brooke Adjunct 06 20
Johnston David Adjunct 06 21
Jomantas Amy Adjunct 06 20
Jone Wen-Ben  Adjunct 06 19
Jones John Adjunct 06 21
Jones Mary Ann Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Jones Sharon Regular N/A
Joo Kimberly Adjunct 06 19
Jordan Andrea Adjunct 06 23
Ju Shulin Regular N/A
Juhascik Matthew Adjunct 06 22
Junker (Wilson) Christine Regular N/A
Juschka Dirk Adjunct 06 19
Juvina Ion Regular N/A
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Kadakia Madhavi Regular  N/A
Kaiser Tammy Adjunct 06 19
Kahrig Tammy Adjunct 06 20
Kall Trisha Adjunct  06 19
Kalra Manider Adjunct 06 23
Kaminski Jennifer Regular N/A
Kanel Sushil Adjunct 06 19
Kantha Pramod Regular N/A
Kao Tsui-Sui Annie Adjunct 06 21
Karger Howard Adjunct 06 20
Kashou Nasser Regular N/A
Katovic Vladimir Regular  N/A
Kazimierczuk Marian Regular  N/A
Keister Kathy Regular N/A
Kellar Gregory Regular N/A
Kellar Lisa Regular N/A
Kelly-Garrison Suzanne Adjunct 06 19
Kemp Michael  Regular N/A
Kemper Michael Adjunct 06 19
Kempisty David Adjunct 06 20
Kendall Ann Adjunct 06 19
Kender David Regular N/A
Kent Michael Adjunct 06 20
Kenyon Lisa Regular  N/A
Keown Douglas Adjunct 06 20
Kerr Lei Li Adjunct 06 21
Ketcha Daniel Regular  N/A
Khalil Naila Regular N/A
Khamis Harry Regular  N/A
Khera Inder Regular  N/A
Kidd Scott Adjunct 06 19
Killian Jerri Regular  N/A
Kim Chigon Regular N/A
Kim Hyejin Regular N/A
Kim Martin Adjunct 06 21
Kinateder Kimberly Regular  N/A
Kinsel Beth Adjunct 06 20
King Amanda Adjunct 06 20
Kinzeler  Nicole Regular N/A
Kirbas Cemil Adjunct 06 20
Kirschman David Adjunct 06 19
Klein Helen Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Kleven Gale Regular N/A
Klingbeil Nathan Regular  N/A
Knott Benjamin Adjunct 06 21
Kobayashi Marcelo Adjunct 06 21
Koehler Christopher Adjunct 06 20
Koerker Robert Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Koles Paul Regular  N/A
Kollaard Egbert Adjunct 06 23
Kolonay Raymond Adjunct 06 21
Kong Nan Adjunct 06 21
Konicki Tara Regular N/A
Kozak Juliusz Regular  N/A
Kozlowski Gregory Regular  N/A
Krah Stephanie Adjunct 06 23
Krane Dan Regular  N/A
Kraner Brenda Adjunct 06 20
Kraszpulska Barbara Adjunct Regular
Kreiner (Camden) Aerial Adjunct 06 20
Krishna Sharath Adjunct 06 19
Krisnadhi  Adila Alfa  Adjunct 06 22
Kruger Brian Regular  N/A
Krupp Catherine Adjunct 06 20
Kubaszewski Lorrie Adjunct 06 20
Kuhn Brenda Adjunct 06 22
Kukreti Anant Adjunct 06 19
Kulkarni Sunil Adjunct 06 23
Kulp Marjean Adjunct 06 20
Kurokawa John Adjunct 06 19
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Ladle David Regular  N/A
LaForse Bruce Regular N/A
Lahm Karen Regular N/A
Lahuis David Regular  N/A
Lake Crystal Regular N/A
Lake Robert Adjunct 06 21
Lakia Deloris Adjunct 06 21
Lamping Sally Regular N/A
Lanham Jaclyn Adjunct  06 21
Larkowski Charles Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Larsen James Regular  N/A
Laughlin Richard Regular N/A
Law Joe Regular N/A
Lawhorne Larry Adjunct 06 19
Layne Jo Ellen Adjunct 06 19
Leal Mary Adjunct 06 19
Lecka-Czernik Beata Adjunct 06 20
Lecue Freddy Adjunct 06 19
Lee Carolyn Adjunct 06 21
Lee Miryoung Regular  N/A
Lee Yi-Hui Regular N/A
Leffak Ira Regular  N/A
Lehrer Douglas Regular  N/A
Lekan Regis Adjunct  06 20
Leonard Robert Adjunct 06 20
Leonhardt Stephanie Adjunct 06 19
Letavec Craig Adjunct 06 19
Leung Jackson Regular  N/A
Levine Myron Regular N/A
Lew Yan Voon Lok Adjunct 06 21
Li Bin Regular N/A
Li Gengxin Regular N/A
Li Joanne Regular N/A
Li Qun Regular N/A
Li Sheng Regular N/A
Liang Fuyou Adjunct 06 19
Lieh Junghsen Regular  N/A
Liggett Kristen Adjunct 06 23
Light John Adjunct 06 19
Lightle Susan Regular N/A
Limouze Henry Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Lin P. Paul Regular N/A
Lindsey Jill Regular  N/A
Lingg Heather Adjunct 06 21
Liu Meilin Regular  N/A
Liu Xiaoyu Regular N/A
Liu Yan Regular  N/A
Littell Tim Adjunct 06 20
Lober Robert Regular N/A
Lockhart Paul Regular  N/A
Lockwood Thomas Regular  N/A
Loi Phan Regular  N/A
Loncharich Les Adjunct 06 20
Long Paula Adjunct 06 21
Long Weiwen Regular N/A
Longley-Cook Tracy Regular N/A
Loranger Carol Regular  N/A
Loranger Dennis Adjunct 06 20
Lorson Kevin Regular N/A
Lowas III Albert Adjunct 06 20
Lucot James Regular  N/A
Ludlow Nelson Adjunct 06 20
Ludwig Bryan Regular N/A
Luehrmann Laura Regular N/A
Lukaszewski Kimberly Regular N/A
Lukowicz Thomas Adjunct 06 19
Luchin, Jr John Adjunct 06 19
Luchin, III John Adjunct 06 19
Lunsford Suzanne Regular N/A
Lutz Jeremy Adjunct 06 19
Lyon Anna Regular N/A
Lyons Joseph Adjunct 06 19
Lyons W. Berry Adjunct 06 21
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Macdonald Jr.  John Adjunct 06 21
MacDonald Scott Adjunct 06 19
Macaulay Thomas Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Mack Nancy Regular  N/A
Mackey Aaron Adjunct 06 19
Maguire John Regular  N/A
Maier Frederick Adjunct 06 19
Mainous Rosalie Regular N/A
Malas John Adjunct 06 20
Malloy Kathleen Regular  N/A
Mamrack Mark Regular  N/A
Mangan Thomas Adjunct 06 19
Manning Saranda Adjunct 06 19
Mantil Joseph Regular  N/A
Marchand Jeannette Regular N/A
Markey Michael Regular N/A
Markopoulos Marjorie Adjunct 06 21
Marks Christopher Adjunct 06 22
Martin Christopher Adjunct 06 19
Martin Kerry Adjunct 06 19
Martin Patricia Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Martin Shari Adjunct 06 19
Martineau David Adjunct 06 23
Martineau Justin Adjunct 06 20
Matcham William Adjunct 06 21
Mateti Prabhaker Regular  N/A
Mathews Susann Regular  N/A
Mathies Bonnie Regular N/A
Matsuura John Adjunct 06 23
Mattin Deborah Adjunct 06 21
Mayor Pamela Adjunct 06 19
Mayes Debra Regular N/A
McAlearney John Regular N/A
McCafferty Stephen Adjunct 06 20
McCarthy Mark Adjunct 06 20
McCarthy Mary Adjunct 06 22
McCoppin Jared Adjunct 06 20
McDougal James Regular (Emeritus) N/A
McGinley Sarah Adjunct  06 22
McGinnis Ashley Adjunct 06 22
McGowin Audrey Regular  N/A
McIlvenna Noeleen Regular N/A
McIntyre Peter Adjunct 06 20
McLellan Marjorie Regular  N/A
McNutt Mindy Regular N/A
McPherson Natasha Regular N/A
Mears Mark Adjunct  06 21
Medvedev Ivan Regular N/A
Mefford Daniel Adjunct 06 19
Mejia-Laperle Carol Regular N/A
Menart James Regular  N/A
Mendes Pablo Adjunct 06 21
Mercer Richard Regular  N/A
Metcalf Tammy Adjunct 06 19
Mertoguno J. Sukarno Adjunct 06 19
Meyer Cheryl Regular  N/A
Meyer Kathryn Regular N/A
Mian Ahsan Regular N/A
Middleton Victor Adjunct 06 20
Millam Kendra Adjunct 06 20
Miller Corey Regular  N/A
Miller David Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Miller Kurtz Adjunct 06 19
Miller Marvin Regular  N/A
Miller Mill Regular  N/A
Milligan Barry Regular  N/A
Mills Jeremy Regular N/A
Mills Marc Adjunct 06 20
Minkiewicz Gregory Adjunct 06 20
Minnery Brandon Adjunct 06 22
Miracle Daniel Adjunct 06 20
Mirau Peter Adjunct 06 22
Misra Pradeep Regular  N/A
Miura Yoko Regular N/A
Miyasaki Donovan Regular N/A
Modica Christopher Regular N/A
Monnig Laurel Adjunct 06 19
Monson Bruce Adjunct 06 19
Montague Benjamin Regular N/A
Moore Kenneth Adjunct 06 19
Moore Scott Adjunct 06 22
Morgan Carol Regular N/A
Morris Mariana Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Mosier William Regular N/A
Moss Jessica Adjunct 06 19
Motahari-Nezhad   Hamid Adjunct 06 19
Mou Shin Adjunct  06 19
Mowrey Corinne Adjunct 06 21
Mukhopadhyay Sharmila Regular  N/A
Munch James Regular  N/A
Munoz-Avila Hector Adjunct 06 22
Murakami Pat Adjunct 06 19
Murray Judson Regular N/A
Myadze Theresa Regular  N/A
Myers Jennifer Adjunct 06 19
Myers Robert Adjunct 06 22
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Nagy Allen Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Nahhas Ramzi Regular  N/A
Naidu Sirisha Regular N/A
Narayanan Sundaram Regular  N/A
Nash Alan Adjunct 06 21
Needles John Adjunct 06 20
Neeley Sabrina Regular N/A
Nehring Virginia Adjunct 06 19


Adjunct 06 21
Nelms Ralph Gerals Regular N/A
Nelson Mark Adjunct 06 22
Nelson Mary Ann Adjunct 06 19
Nelson W. Todd Adjunct 06 21
Nepal Dhriti Adjunct 06 22
Newell Silvia Regular N/A
Neyland Leslie Regular N/A
Nicholson Elizabeth Adjunct 06 20
Nietch Christopher  Adjunct 06 23
Nieder Gary Regular  N/A
Nikita Konstantina Adjunct 06 20
Nirode Wayne Adjunct 06 19
Niven David Regular N/A
Noble Brenda Adjunct 06 19
Noble, III Gerald Adjunct 06 19
Noe Virginia Adjunct 06 21
Noel Dan Adjunct 06 20
Norris Michael Regular N/A
Nosoudi Nasim Adjunct 06 21
Nowak Michael Adjunct 06 21
Nunamaker Ross (Chad)  Adjunct 06 22
Nwokoro Stella Adjunct 06 21
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
O'Connell Karen Adjunct 06 19
O'Connor Richele Regular N/A
O'Dell Susan Adjunct 06 20
O'Malley Patricia Adjunct 06 23
Ogan Kemafor Anyanwu  Adjunct 06 19
Oh Chang-Geun Adjunct 06 21
Ohns Mary Jean Adjunct 06 21
Okia Opolot Regular N/A
Oldstone-Moore Christopher Regular N/A
Oliver Mary Adjunct 06 19
Olson James Regular  N/A
Olson Paulette Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Olsvig Josie Adjunct 06 19
Oppenheimer Michael Adjunct  06 20
Ordonez Raul Adjunct 06 22
Orenstein David Regular  N/A
Organisciak Daniel Regular  N/A
Orlando P. Len Adjunct 06 19
Orlowski Marietta Regular N/A
Oroszi Terry Regular N/A
Osborne Evan Regular  N/A
Oswald Gina Regular N/A
Owens Geoffrey Regular N/A
Oxindine Annette Regular N/A
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Pacernick Gary Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Paietta  John Regular  N/A
Painter Albert Adjunct 06 19
Palazotto Anthony Adjunct 06 21
Paliy Oleg Regular  N/A
Palmer III Luther Regular N/A
Pan  Mingming Regular N/A
Parasuraman Raja Adjunct 06 19
Parikh Pratik Regular N/A
Park  Penny Regular N/A
Parker Jason Regular N/A
Parmelee Dean Regular N/A
Parthemore Jessica Adjunct 06 20
Pasi Gino Adjunct 06 19
Patel Nimisha Regular N/A
Pathak Jyotishman Adjunct 06 19
Patitu Carol Regular N/A
Paton Sara Regular N/A
Pavel (Sizemore) Ioana Regular  N/A
Payne Tamara Adjunct 06 20
Pearson John Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Peck Jordan Adjunct 06 19
Pedersen Steen Regular  N/A
Pei Yong Regular  N/A
Peters Jeffrey Regular  N/A
Peters Nia Adjunct  06 23
Peterson Matthew Regular N/A
Peterson Scott Regular N/A
Petkie Doug Adjunct 06 21
Petreman David Regular  N/A
Petrick Joseph Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Phillips Chandler Regular  N/A
Phillips Kelly Adjunct 06 21
Phung Phu Adjunct 06 23
Pickoff Arthur Regular  N/A
Pierce Linda Adjunct 06 21
Pilchak Adam Adjunct 06 21
Pinkus Alan Adjunct 06 21
Pohlman Roberta Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Polak George Regular  N/A
Poland Kristofer Adjunct 06 19
Polatajko Mark Adjunct  06 19
Polenakovik Hari Regular N/A
Poling Deborah Regular N/A
Polk Simone Adjunct 06 21
Pollock Sara Regular N/A
Pollock Sean Regular N/A
Pope Shawnieka Adjunct 06 22
Potter Lee Adjunct 06 20
Powell Christina Adjunct 06 20
Powell Kimberly Adjunct 06 20
Prabhala Sasanka Adjunct 06 23
Prasad T. K. Regular  N/A
Premus Robert Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Priezjev Nikolai Regular N/A
Pringle D. Drew Regular  N/A
Pringle Mary Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Prochaska Lawrence Regular  N/A
Przybyla Craig Adjunct 06 22
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Qu Long Regular N/A
Quinn Jennifer Adjunct 06 23
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Rafferty Tim Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Rafizadeh Hamid Adjunct 06 19
Ramey Linda Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Ramirez-Vick Jaime Regular N/A
Ramsey Rosemary Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Rando Robert Regular  N/A
Rangaswamy Muralidhar Adjunct 06 22
Ratnaparkhi M.V. Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Rattan Kuldip Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Raymer Michael Regular  N/A
Ream Larry Regular N/A
Redko Cristina Regular  N/A
Reed Michelle Regular N/A
Reeves Noelle Temporary 12 17
Ren Hongmei Regular N/A
Ren Saiyu Regular  N/A
Reo Nicholas Regular  N/A
Reuille Kristina Adjunct  06 21
Reynolds David Regular  N/A
Rhinehart Ben Adjunct 06 21
Ribak Judy Regular N/A
Rice Susan Adjunct 06 21
Rich Mark Regular  N/A
Richardson Rachelle Adjunct 06 19
Richmond Misty Regular N/A
Richter Nicole Regular N/A
Rickert William Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Rickey Lisa Pasquinelli Adjunct 06 21
Rickey Matthew Adjunct 06 19
Rider, Jr. S. Dean Regular N/A
Riechers Ronald Adjunct  06 20
Rigling Brian Regular  N/A
Riordan Robert Regular  N/A
Ritzi Robert Regular  N/A
Rizki Mateen Regular  N/A
Roberts Rory Regular N/A
Robinson Demica Adjunct 06 23
Roby Douglas Regular  N/A
Rodriguez Andres Adjunct 06 20
Rogers Dana Adjunct 06 21
Rogers Nikki Regular N/A
Romine William Regular N/A
Rooney Thomas Regular  N/A
Ross Leatha Adjunct 06 19
Rottmayer Michael Adjunct 06 23
Rougier Ann Adjunct 06 19
Rouhana Labib Regular N/A
Roundtree Hazel Adjunct 06 21
Rowley Eric Adjunct 06 21
Roysden Russell Adjunct 06 19
Rua Megan Regular N/A
Rucker Mary Regular  N/A
Ruminski Henry Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Runkle James Regular  N/A
Russell Anne Regular N/A
Ryan Charles Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Rychener Katherine Adjunct 06 19
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Sahin Ayse Regular N/A
Sahu Ravi Regular N/A
Saklayen Mohammad Regular N/A
Salisbury Benjamin Adjunct  06 21
Salisbury Jr Richard Adjunct 06 22
Sallan Lauren Adjunct 06 23
Sandheinrich Mark Adjunct 06 19
Saron Clifford Adjunct 06 20
Satish Shamachary Adjunct 06 19
Saunders Eric Adjunct 06 20
Saunders Jessica Adjunct 06 19
Saunders Vance Adjunct 06 19
Sav G. Thomas Regular  N/A
Saville Michael Regular N/A
Sayre Molly Adjunct 06 21
Schiller Shu Regular N/A
Schiml Patricia Adjunct 06 21
Schlagheck Donna Regular  N/A
Schley William Adjunct 06 22
Schmidt David Adjunct 06 23
Schmidt Jason Adjunct 06 21
Schmidt Jennifer Adjunct 06 22
Schmidt Vince Adjunct 06 23
Schmitt Tonya Adjunct 06 21
Schneider Tamera Regular  N/A
Schomburg Gary Adjunct 06 19
Schroeder Noah Regular N/A
Schuette Michael Adjunct  06 22
Schultz Michelle Regular N/A
Schumm Jeremiah Regular N/A
Scordo Kristine Regular  N/A
Scott Gail Adjunct 06 19
Scott Rosalyn Regular N/A
Scott-Emuakpor Onome Adjunct 06 23
Seela Susan Adjunct 06 21
Seemiller Corey Regular N/A
Seitz David Regular  N/A
Self Eileen Regular  N/A
Sellers Deanna Adjunct 06 19
Semiatin Sheldon Adjunct 06 23
Sengupta Arijit Regular  N/A
Seoh Munsup Regular  N/A
Serrano-Guerra Damaris Elizabeth Regular N/A
Setlur Pawan Adjunct 06 19
Sethi Vikram Regular  N/A
Seybold Paul Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Shalin Valerie Regular  N/A
Shang Joseph Regular  N/A
Shannon Vaughn Regular N/A
Sharma Alpana Regular N/A
Sharma Amit Regular N/A
Shaw Arnab Regular  N/A
Shekarpour Saeedeh Adjunct 06 21
Shelley Michael Adjunct 06 19
Shepelak Norma Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Sherlock Sharon Regular N/A
Sherman John Regular  N/A
Sherwood Matthew Adjunct 06 22
Sherwood Richard Regular  N/A
Sheth Amit Regular  N/A
Shin Hee-Young Regular N/A
Shingledecker Clark Regular N/A
Short David Adjunct 06 20
Shultz Kelley Adjunct 06 19
Siervogel Roger Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Simman Richard Regular  N/A
Simon Carlee Adjunct 06 22
Simons Courtney Regular N/A
Simpson Brian Adjunct 06 23
Sinha Aakanksha Adjunct 06 21
Sinha Vikas Adjunct 06 21
Sink Katherine Adjunct 06 21
Sizemore Elizabeth Adjunct 06 23
Skinner Thomas Regular  N/A
Skipper Julie Adjunct 06 21
Skira Aaron Adjunct 06 19
Skolik Steven Adjunct 06 19
Slater Joseph Regular  N/A
Slattery William Regular  N/A
Slilaty Daniel Regular  N/A
Slonaker William Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Small Lafleur Regular N/A
Smith Daniel Adjunct 06 20
Smith  Linda Adjunct 06 19
Smith Roy Adjunct 06 22
Smith Sherrill Regular N/A
Snipe Tracy Regular N/A
Sochacki Susan Adjunct 06 21
Soderlund Lars Regular N/A
Sondergaard Rolf Adjunct 06 21
Sonner Patrick Adjunct 06 20
Sotnikov Vladimir Adjunct 06 19
Spears William Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Sprohge Hans Regular N/A
Srinivasan Raghavan Regular  N/A
Sritharan Sivaguru Adjunct 06 22
Sritharan Subramania Adjunct 06 22
Stalter Ann Regular N/A
Stambaugh Beverly Adjunct 06 22
Stanard Terry Adjunct 06 22
Stanley Kevin Adjunct 06 19
Stanton Elizabeth Adjunct 06 19
Stearns Melanie Adjunct 06 21
Steele Tracey Regular N/A
Steele-Johnson Debra Regular  N/A
Steffen Morgan Adjunct 06 21
Stephens James Adjunct 06 19
Stevens Rick Brian Regular N/A
Stinson Bob Adjunct 06 19
Stireman John Regular  N/A
Stiver Wendy Adjunct 06 22
Stofli Adrienne Adjunct 06 23
Stoker Valerie Regular N/A
Stover Sheri Regular N/A
Strayer David Adjunct 06 19
Strombeck Andrew Regular N/A
Strudthoff Bud Adjunct 06 22
Stubbs John Adjunct 06 23
Stueland Valerie Adjunct 06 19
Sturm Rachel Regular N/A
Suazo Mark Regular N/A
Subban Jennifer Regular  N/A
Subramanyam Guru Adjunct 06 19
Sucosky Philippe Regular N/A
Sudkamp Thomas Regular  N/A
Sulentic Courtney Regular  N/A
Sulman Mohamed Regular N/A
Sun Shuxia Regular N/A
Sunar Ulas Regular N/A
Susuki Keiichiro Regular N/A
Svobodny Thomas Regular  N/A
Swani Kunal Regular N/A
Swanson Drew Regular N/A
Sweeney Robert Regular  N/A
Syron Edward Adjunct 06 19
Szirony Tracy Adjunct 06 21
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Tarpey Thaddeus Regular  N/A
Tatsuoka Curtis Adjunct 06 20
Taylor Charles Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Taylor Colleen Adjunct 06 21
Tebbens Sarah Regular  N/A
Teed Rebecca Regular N/A
Ten Eyck Raymond Regular N/A
Terry John Adjunct 06 22
Thirunarayan Krishnaprasad Regular  N/A
Thomas Scott Regular  N/A
Thompson Marie Regular N/A
Thompson Noel Adjunct 06 19
Thompson Shana Adjunct 06 20
Thyagarajan Anita Adjunct 06 23
Tian Emily Regular  N/A
Tipps James Regular  N/A
Todorova Zdravka Regular N/A
Tomlin James Regular N/A
Travers Jeffrey Regular N/A
Traxler Adrienne Regular N/A
Traynor Thomas Regular  N/A
Tritschler Joe Adjunct 06 22
Tromski-Klingshirn Donna Regular N/A
Tsang Pamela Regular  N/A
Tsatalis James Adjunct 06 19
Tsihrintzis George Adjunct 06 22
Turgut Zafer Adjunct 06 21
Turnbull Kenneth Regular  N/A
Turner David Adjunct 06 22
Turner William Adjunct 06 19
Turyn Lawrence  Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Twill Sarah Regular N/A
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Uchich Michael Adjunct 06 20
Uddin David Regular N/A
Ulrich Deborah Regular N/A
Updegraff John Adjunct 06 21
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Vadeboncoeur Yvonne Regular  N/A
Vakil Joanne Adjunct 06 19
Vanden Bos Toni Adjunct 06 19
Vance James Regular  N/A
Vandegrift Guy Regular N/A
Varhola Jonathan Adjunct 06 19
Vaughan Michelle Regular N/A
Velten Vincent Adjunct 06 19
Veres Marguerite Adjunct 06 21
Verman Mark Regular  N/A
Vice Roy Regular  N/A
Vidulich Michael Adjunct 06 19
Vito Kimberly Regular N/A
Voss Andrew Regular N/A
Voss Daniel Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Voss Jameson Adjunct 06 21
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Wade Amy Adjunct 06 20
Walsh Eileen M. Adjunct 06 21
Wamwara-Mbugua Wakiuru Regular N/A
Wan Hui Adjunct 06 20
Wang Jun Adjunct 06 21
Wang Bin Regular  N/A
Wang Carol Regular N/A
Wang Shaojun Regular  N/A
Wang Weizhen Regular  N/A
Wang Wenbo Adjunct 06 22
Wang Xiaowen Adjunct 06 20
Wantz Richard Regular  N/A
Ward Frank Regular  N/A
Ware Jennifer Regular N/A
Warren Richard Adjunct 06 19
Warrick Kimberly Regular N/A
Warshawshy Daniel Regular N/A
Warfield Janeece Regular N/A
Wase Adbul Adjunct 06 23
Watamaniuk Scott Regular  N/A
Watson Megan Adjunct 06 21
Watson Paul Adjunct  06 21
Watters G. Thomas Adjunct 06 19
Watts Doyle Regular  N/A
Webb Thomas Adjunct 06 21
Webb Timothy Adjunct 06 20
Weber Daniel Regular  N/A
Weber Ingmar Adjunct 06 20
Weckworth Byron Adjunct 06 22
Wei Jie Adjunct 06 21
Wei Xuetao Adjunct 06 21
Weimer John Adjunct 06 20
Weinstein Larry Regular  N/A
Weinzimmer Julianne Regular N/A
Weisend Michael Adjunct 06 19
Welsh David Adjunct 06 20
Welz Lee Adjunct 06 19
Wendt Heidi Regular N/A
Wenning Mary Regular  N/A
Westendorf-Wozniak  Stacey Adjunct  06 22
Whalen David Adjunct 06 21
Whaley Nan Adjunct 06 20
White Mary Regular N/A
Whitesell Melissa Adjunct 06 19
Williams Jeffery Adjunct 06 19
Williams Julie Regular N/A
Williams Kelley Adjunct 06 20
Williams Nancy Regular N/A
Williams Scott Regular N/A
Wilson Josephine Regular N/A
Wilson Scott Regular N/A
Wilson Sean Regular N/A
Winfrey Lapearl Regular N/A
Winkler Jonathan Regular N/A
Wischgoll Thomas Regular  N/A
Wolf Eve Regular (Emeritus) N/A
Wolff J. Mitch Regular  N/A
Wonders Karen Regular N/A
Wood Marilynn Adjunct 06 21
Woods Melanie Regular N/A
Wooley Dawn Regular  N/A
Wrenshall Lucile Regular N/A
Wu Zhiqiang Regular  N/A
Wulandana Rachmadian Adjunct 06 20
Wyatt Christopher Regular  N/A
Wydman Chris Adjunct 06 19
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Xie Jiafeng Regular N/A
Xu Yong-Jie Regular N/A
Xue Kefu Regular  N/A
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Yacobucci Margaret Adjunct 06 22
Yaklic Jerome Regular N/A
Yang Zifeng Regular N/A
Yen David Regular N/A
Young Brenda Regular N/A
Young Henry (Dan) Regular N/A
Yuppa Joseph Adjunct 06 19
Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Zadeh Amir Regular N/A
Zaytoun Kelly Regular N/A
Zehringer Daniel Regular N/A
Zhang Junjie Regular N/A
Zhang Weiqun Regular N/A
Zhang Xiaodong (Frank) Regular  N/A
Zhang Xinhui Regular  N/A
Zhang Y.W. Adjunct 06 19
Zhong Quan Regular N/A
Zhou  Xiangqian Regular N/A
Zhuang Yan Regular  N/A
Zidar David Adjunct 06 22
Zurmehly Joyce Adjunct 06 19