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Individual Award Categories and Criteria

Human Relations
The nominee interacts effectively with members of the community to promote enthusiasm, harmony, gender equity, and diversity in the unit and/or campus as a whole. The nominee demonstrates an open, caring attitude, attentiveness to the needs and concerns of others, and a commitment to equitable treatment and promotion of diversity.

The nominee has provided leadership by chairing committees, mentoring others, serving as a role model, and/or using originality and creativity to enthusiastically and collaboratively develop strategies that enhance his/her unit. This leadership supports the university's academic mission, improves and/or modernizes current practice, encourages a harmonious and diverse climate, and/or positively affects other aspects of the unit's role in the university and/or the community.

The nominee demonstrates a continuing commitment to service and leadership to the university community. Active involvement on committees and other internal organizations, as well as other examples of volunteerism are examples of relevant service activities.

Outstanding Unit Award Criteria

Outstanding Unit will be awarded to a department, division, or program that has established and maintained an environment of service, academic excellence, gender equity, and commitment to diversity at Wright State University.

Outstanding Collaborative Units Award Criteria

Nomination must be based on a continuing collaboration by two or more departments, divisions, or programs within the university. Units will be identified as those whose collaborative efforts result in unique, exemplary service or academic excellence within the university and/or the community. These units demonstrate progress towards a goal or purpose that would not necessarily require teamwork. These goals should reflect improved competence in teaching, learning, or customer service and/or change the level of institutional cooperation.

Spirit of Innovation Award Criteria

Award will be presented to an individual, group, or unit which demonstrates courage, character, philosophy, and accomplishments, and mirrors the innovative spirit that created Wright State University and continues to fuel its impact.

The Following Individuals Are Not Eligible For Awards In 2012:

2012 Awards Advisory Committee Members of the Unclassified Staff:
Joan Bernstein, Cheryl Little, Jacqueline Neal, Audwin Jones, Jacqueline Robinson

2012 Awards Advisory Committee Members of the Classified Staff:
Angie Brookey, Tami Smith, Shannon Norton, Vickie Slone, Kym Sellers

Executive Officers of Wright State University:
Steven Angle, Dan Abrahamowicz, Rebecca Cole, Robert Fyffe, George Heddleston, Robert Hickey, Gary Leroy, Gwen Mattison, Jacqueline McMillan, Mark Polatajko, Robert Sweeney

Also not eligible:

Faculty, ROTC Military Appointments, Contract Personnel not on Wright State's payroll, and recent recipients (2005-present).

Previous Recipients:
Recent recipients (2005–present) of the President's Award for Excellence are not eligible. Click here for a list of previous recipients.

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