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Remote Teaching Virtual Summit - August 12 and 13, 2020

If you missed this event, you can find video recordings and resources for all sessions on our Remote Teaching Virtual Summit 2020 webpage.

More than 20 sessions led by CTL’s instructional designers will focus on how to deliver material remotely/online with an emphasis on solid pedagogy, useful technologies, and overall best practices. Attendees will also have the chance to chat with experienced faculty and share resources during lunch breaks and a wrap-up “Tips and Sips” happy hour.

Download the schedule (PDF). This PDF contains the entire two-day schedule, as well as the links required to attend each virtual session.

For more information on the sessions, please download the session descriptions (PDF) or view the descriptions below.

Session Descriptions

5 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Move Your Class Online

Chris Roberts, Associate Director
Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Build momentum for your remote instruction by taking these simple steps.

Creating a Course Framework in Pilot

Todd Pavlack, Manager of Distance Learning and Instructional Designer
Learn how to create a welcoming environment for your remote students in this basic overview session of Pilot. This session will cover everything you need to know to get started in Pilot, including setting up a basic content structure, setting up a dropbox, how to upload your syllabus, and how to make your course active.

Monitoring Academic Integrity

Chris Roberts, Associate Director
This session will explore some of the available options for ensuring academic integrity in remote classes. Topics covered include Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor, Turnitin, and possible authentic assessment options.

Designing a Gradebook in Pilot

Todd Pavlack, Manager of Distance Learning and Instructional Designer
Let Pilot do the math for you in this session that will teach you how to set up the gradebook in your course. You will learn how to employ different grading systems, make grades transfer automatically from content items into the gradebook, and submit final grades all from one place.

Assessing Learning with Quizzes and Exams

Chris Roberts, Associate Director
This session provides an overview of the quiz tool in Pilot, including creating questions, setting up restrictions, and connecting to the grade book.

Lunch Break Chat (Day 1): "How do you create community in an online class?"

Terri Klaus, Director; Carolyn Stoermer, Teaching Innovation Coordinator and Lecturer, English
Grab your lunch and share your ideas for building shared experiences in remote spaces.

Lunch Break Chat (Day 2): Faculty Panel on Remote Teaching

Terri Klaus, Director; Carolyn Stoermer, Teaching Innovation Coordinator and Lecturer, English
Megan Rúa, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Sarah McGinley, Senior Lecturer, English
Stacey Hundley, Senior Lecturer, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Hear from faculty who have worked recently with CTL via the Remote Teaching + program and this summer's Online Teaching and Learning Communities.

Office of Disability Services: Accommodating Students in a Remote Setting

Tom Webb, Director, Office of Disability Services
ODS will present information on how to best accommodate students with disabilities in remote class settings. Time will also be available to answer questions about remote learning or other academic accommodations.

Libraries: Integrating Library Instruction and Research Services Remotely

Mandy Shannon, Head, Instruction & Research Services Department
Kayla Hennis, Online Learning Librarian

The University Libraries’ Instruction & Research Services staff will present information on what remote instruction and appointment services are available and how to embed library content and resources into your Pilot class.

Providing Effective Feedback via Pilot

Jonathan Zemmer, Instructional Designer
Giving meaningful feedback is a critical component of the student's learning experience. This session will focus on the various tools in Pilot that facilitate the delivery of student feedback.

Live Teaching via Collaborate Ultra

Chris Roberts, Associate Director
This session provides participants with an overview of Collaborate Ultra’s interface and features, including application sharing, polling, and breakout rooms.

Virtual Meeting Options in Webex

Todd Pavlack, Manager of Distance Learning and Instructional Designer
Discover the features of Webex in this introductory overview of the software and learn how it can support live online course delivery and remote interaction between faculty, students, and content.

Fostering Student Engagement

Jonathan Zemmer, Instructional Designer
This session will showcase examples of active learning in online courses, highlighting video-based discussion activities using Flipgrid, a web-based application. Flipgrid allows faculty to create "grids" to facilitate video discussions. This session’s hands-on activity will guide attendees in the creation of a Flipgrid and will close with a discussion of application ideas.

Prepare Teaching Media in Panopto

Ben Penry, Digital Technology Analyst
If you need to record and post video content — lectures, mini-lessons, problem walk-throughs, assignment descriptions, etc. — for students to view whenever they wish, you can use Panopto in Pilot. In this workshop, we’ll go through: setting-up Panopto in Pilot, installing the recording software to record your lectures, examining the video/audio recording options, uploading existing movies, and more.

Engaging Students in Reading Discussions

Jonathan Zemmer, Instructional Designer
This session will focus on ways to engage students in the discussion of reading material through Perusal, a web-based digital text application. Perusall is a social annotation tool that integrates with Pilot, allowing students and faculty to markup PDF documents or digital textbooks collaboratively.

Collaborating in the Cloud

Jonathan Zemmer, Instructional Designer
This session will show participants how web-based applications such as Adobe Spark, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, and MS Teams can facilitate student collaboration.

Tips and Sips

Lisa Kenyon, Faculty Director
Grab your favorite beverage--it’s time to unwind and relax. Discuss your ideas for fall 2020 in this casual, virtual get together.