Campus Scholarship and Innovation Campaign (CSIC)

Help inspire, challenge, advise, answer questions, find solutions, keep classrooms running, crunch numbers, coach, nourish, connect, enrich, current and future students at Wright State.


Your participation makes a powerful impact on our nearly 18,000 Wright State students and our educational mission.  You inspire, challenge, advise, coach, nourish, connect, enrich, give a shoulder to lean on, and offer a friendly smile. Continue to be the impact for generations to come, as we strive to transform the lives of our students and the communities we serve, by making a gift to Campus Scholarship & Innovation Campaign (CSIC) today.

What can you support?

You can make an impact by designating your gift to any area of the university, such as a program, athletics, research, or scholarship fund of your choice which will directly benefit our students.  Or you may choose to designate to WSU Excellence Fund, which supports the areas of greatest need.  As Wright State celebrates 50 years, see how we have changed—and be the impact for our students. 

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