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The following links contain important resources that will guide you through the process of becoming an approved driver, the driver application form, accident reporting and University policy regarding driving a vehicle to conduct university business. If you have any questions on any of these resources, please contact Lura Clapper by email or at (937) 775-3908.

An electronic form has replaced the paper form making the application process easier, faster, more secure and more accurate. Click on the Electronic Driver Application Form (e-DAF) link below, click "Log In", enter your "w" number and password, and click the Log In button.  You will be taken to the form and upon completion, click submit. The person selected as the primary approver will receive a confirmation email and must approve the application in order for it to be complete. The Office of Risk Management will only process applications submitted electronically. Questions, comments? Please call Lura at (937) 775-3908.


A renewal email will be sent to approved drivers on the anniversary date of the most recent application.  Applicants will have 14 days to renew, else your name will be dropped from the list of approved drivers. To renew your application, please click on the link in the email and log in to edit your application.  Be sure to update any information that has changed, especially your approvers. 

Becoming an Approved Driver

Who Needs to Be An Approved Driver? - Ask These Questions (PDF)

How to Become an Approved Driver: Driver Application e-Process


Access the Electronic Driver Application Form (e-DAF).

Please complete BEFORE leaving on your university-related business trip. Drivers of personally owned vehicles need not apply.

NOTE: If you are filling out the form on behalf of someone else you must obtain a copy of the paper form, have the applicant complete and sign it and retain it on file in the originating department. This becomes proof that the applicant permits access to their Motor Vehicle Record.


Complete the Form.

Enter UID and name as it appears in Banner.  A university email address is preferable as delivery cannot be guaranteed for outside email.  If the applicant is a Pre-Screen, Contractor or Volunteer just leave this field blank and manually enter the applicant’s name and email address.

Enter date of birth and applicant classification using drop down menu.  Be sure to enter the applicant’s license issuing state and driver license number correctly.  Please note the Ohio drivers license number format is two alpha letters followed by six numbers.

Will the applicant be driving an 8+ passenger van? This question applies to those that know for certain that they will be driving a large passenger van.  Web-based training is required for drivers of large passenger vans.  Please contact Risk Management for details.

A primary approver is required and is usually the applicant's supervisor or departmental representative.  A secondary approver is optional and is recommended if the primary approver may be unavailable. Upon submission of the application, approvers will receive an automated email asking them to approve the application.  In order to avoid processing delays, approvers should approve the application promptly. Approvers need not be a supervisor from an organizational perspective.  They can be anyone in a responsible position who pays attention to email and is aware of the department's needs for driving.  NOTE: Applicants of student organizations must obtain electronic approval from the Director of Student Life or authorized department representative through the electronic application process.

Agreement – Please read the terms and conditions and click the “Agree” box. By agreeing, you are giving consent to WSU to obtain and use information on your Motor Vehicle Record to determine your eligibility to drive a vehicle on behalf of the university. If you are submitting the application on behalf of someone else, please provide either the paper application to sign and be retained by the department.  Be sure to provide them with a hard copy of the Summary of Consumer Rights (PDF). Also, please familiarize yourself with the University’s vehicle policy University Policy 9210.

Click “Save”.  You will be notified of the results in 3-7 business days.


Accident Reporting

WSU faculty, staff or students who drive university vehicles as a required by their job or those who maybe renting, leasing or driving a car on loan, should be aware of the university’s accident reporting requirements. Each driver should make sure a copy of the Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Kit is in the vehicle glove compartment. This packet provides information on how to report the accident and insurance contact information.  A kit can be obtained at Accident Reporting Kit.  Drivers of university vehicles will also want to make sure to carry a copy of the Insurance Card in the glove box.  A card is available through Risk Management or your department.


Rental Car Information

Should you need to rent a vehicle while on university business Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers preferred rates for WSU personnel. The preferred rate includes liability insurance in the quote, so be sure to mention that the car is for Wright State University. Always use your WSU pro card as payment whenever possible as collision insurance coverage and  other benefits are included. If not using Enterprise, liability insurance must be purchased at 100K/300K/50K. If not using a pro card for payment, the driver’s department will be responsible for the collision deductible in the event of an accident. Please refer to University Policy 9210 for further details.

Rental cars can be reserved via the internet.  Please clink the Enterprise Portal link and go to the Vehicle Rental tab.


Driving Status

Once a Motor Vehicle Record is returned to Risk Management, your driver status will be determined. To be approved you must possess a valid, U.S. driver’s license and your MVR must not exceed 6 points within the last 3 years.


Maintaining Approved Driver Status

Approved drivers will receive an automated email approximately 12 months from the date of application. The email will prompt the driver to re-submit a completed e-DAF.  This ensures that only drivers needing to drive will be maintain approved status and that any inaccurate or out-of-date information can be corrected.


List of Approved Drivers

A LIST OF APPROVED DRIVERS can be found in the Resources section of this page.  The list is always current with real-time information. Only the names of drivers who entered an e-DAF and were approved will be found on the list. If you have a question on the status of a driver, please contact Lura Clapper at (937) 775-3908.