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A comprehensive program of assessment is crucial to Wright State University's Mission to be "a catalyst for education excellence" and to its Strategic Plan goals to "enhance our distinctive learning experience," "to recruit and retain a diversity of students," and to "enhance the academic success of students." Therefore the Office of Budget Planning and Resource Analysis and the Office of the Provost conduct assessment activities that monitor indicators of student success throughout the university, including achievement of learning outcomes in all academic majors.

All members of the university community are invited to study the data regarding institutional assessment that are available in this website.  These measures of success identify our strengths, point to areas where improvement is necessary, and alert us to changes.  They should therefore be key elements that inform budgets, staffing, facilities, and curricular decisions at all levels in the university.

Please direct questions or observations about university assessment and also recommendations regarding this website to either Bill Rickert or Barbara Bullock.

Bill Rickert Barbara Bullock
254 University Hall 220 University Hall
(937) 775-3036 (937) 775-3759
bill.rickert@wright.edu barbara.bullock@wright.edu

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