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Two student organizations are connected to the Women's Center:

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA)

FMLA is a feminist student organization aligned with the Feminist Majority Foundation, a national organization. The organization is dedicated to the advancement of women's equality, nonviolence, economics development, and most importantly, the empowerment of women and girls in all sectors of society. The goals of FMLA at Wright State include:

  • To enhance the feminist community on campus;
  • To educate the university community about feminist issues;
  • To provide leadership and career-building opportunities for feminist students;
  • To study and take action on national, campus, and local feminist issues and concerns; and
  • To establish a broad constituency to work in pursuit of feminist ideas—social, political, and economic equality for all persons.

If you're interested in joining or just want to see what FMLA is about, contact Sarah, President of FMLA, at wsu@feministcampus.org or advisor Amber Vlasnik at (937) 775-4524.

Mothers Offering Mothers Support (MOMS)

MOMS is a student organization that lends a helping hand to mothers while they earn their college degrees. The organization assists, encourages, and keeps college mothers positive. All current or prospective moms are invited to join! For more information, please contact Tonnie MIley or advisor Cindy Vanzant at (937) 775-4524.
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