Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, September 22, 2004



Present: Council Members: Linda Dunbar, Mary Healea, Micki Stamps, and Susan Wehmeyer.


Other: Bill Rickert


The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 , at 2:30-3:45 p.m. , in Room 267 University Hall.




•  Bill distributed a list of actions taken on issues that were discussed by the staff council in 2003-04 (attached). He went over this list and elaborated on some of the issues:


•  Salary Compression. A formula was used in 2004 to determine classified staff across-the-board and merit increases which moves individuals more quickly through their pay range. When asked if this would also be done for the unclassified staff, Bill said yes, if needed.


•  Training Needs. Some areas of training being discussed are workplace violence, sexual harassment, payroll, effective customer service, facilities, and supervisor training.


•  Training Survey. Linda Dunbar and Joyce Howes are to poll the CSAC and USAC members for recommendations on questions to include in a training survey. This survey will then be sent out to employees for suggestions.


•  Staff Development Days. The first Staff Development Day will either be in December 2004 or in Summer 2005, depending on when plans are finalized.


•  Staff Emeritus. Although there is no dial-in service from off-campus included, both e-mail and library privileges are now available to past and future retirees.


•  Christmas Holiday . No change is being made for scheduling of the holidays in 2004. The Cabinet is willing to consider a proposal for scheduling suggestions for 2005, etc., but didn't give much encouragement on the issue.


•  Food Service. During Fall finals week, students had limited options for meals. Some selections were added for Winter finals week.

•  Parking Lots. On behalf of the Council, Bill will make a recommendation to Parking Services for possibly adding row markings such as color-coded light poles to some parking lots, especially Lot 4 and Lot 20.


•  Labor Day Weekend. Joyce Howes is to poll USAC to see if there were any problems about working at the First Weekend activities this year.


•  Faculty/Staff Suggestions. It was decided that a “Suggestions” link be added to the websites of WSU Staff Council (under construction), and on the CSAC and USAC sites.


WSU Staff Council Website


The Staff Council website will be up and running soon (draft pages attached). Linda Stutler is the administrator of the site, which will initially include links to the list of members, the meeting schedule with agendas, and the minutes from all previous meetings. It will also have a “Suggestions” link on the main page, which would go to Linda Stutler's e-mail address in the Provost's Office. The suggestions submitted can be discussed at future WSU Staff Council meetings. Mary Healea will also help to design the website.



NCA Self-Study

It was decided to keep the discussion brief about the NCA Self-study since so few members were in attendance and were already participating on one of the sub-committees.


It was asked if the classified and unclassified staff were represented on the NCA self-study subcommittees. There is a member from the classified and the unclassified staff on each of the self-study subcommittees.


It was asked how the NCA Steering Committee would get input from faculty, staff, and students for the self study. Dan DeStephen will make the drafts available to them for input. Drafts from the subcommittees are to be finished by January 2005. The self-study is due to NCA in Winter 2005.




Staff Council Agenda Items for 2004-05


September 22 – NCA Self-study


Only a few members were in attendance; but since many of the staff council members are also members of NCA Self-study subcommittees, there is no need for another meeting on this topic at this time.


  November 10 – Training and Pilot Performance Management Tool

    Allan Boggs, Tamara Jones, and Robert Sweeney to attend.


  a.   Training


Since incidents involving violence and sexual harassment do occur on campus, this is one issue that needs training.


  b.  Pilot Performance Management Tool


One question that needs to be asked: When will employees be informed of the point system for merit increases for 2005, so they have time to work to increase their points for that year?


   January 12 – Capital Plan and Building and Grounds

    Vicky Davidson to attend.


    Building and parking issues to be discussed.


   March 9 – Strategic Planning

    Robert Sweeney to attend.


   May 25 – Budget

    Keith Ralston to attend.

    Discussion should be more focused on staff council budget issues.


   June 8 – Wrap-up for the year


The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.



The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, November 10, 2004 , at 2:30-4:00 pm, in Room 267 University Hall.