University Staff Council

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 , 2:30-4:00 pm

Room 267 University Hall


Present: Susan Wehmeyer


University Budget: Dr. Matthew Filipic, Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs, and Mr. Keith Ralston, Associate Vice President Budget Planning and Resource Analysis provided an overview of the university budget:


•  Ohio is a knowledge economy now . It is not doing well in that regard, and Ohio 's economy will only get worse.


•  State budget cuts to WSU this year have been absorbed.


•  Tuition recommendations for 2003-2004 are for a 6% increase plus additional $100 for new students each quarter. This will probably be the maximum allowed by the State. WSU is 10 th in price of tuition out of 13 schools in Ohio . Shawnee , Youngstown , and Central State are the only schools with lower tuition.


•  The recommended raise for staff will be 3.6% to reflect faculty raises, plus an additional amount for classified staff raises in conjunction with the Compensation/Classification Study.