University Staff Council
A meeting was held 10/29/03

The agenda included:

1.   Human Resource Liaisons

1.   Didn't have time to discuss this at the meeting, but will discuss it in December.


2.   Alan Boggs would like this  group to continue as a group of business managers who can offer feedback on the mechanics of HR transactions, but not serve as employee relations staff.


2.   Annual Merit Evaluations

  1. A concern was expressed that evaluations seem to bear little relationship to merit pay.
  2. Dr. Rickert reported that salaries have compressed for all but the longest term staff; many are gathered together at the bottom of the range because the bottom keeps moving up and overtaking the gains made by less new employees.
  3. One way to fix this might be to add a raise component for range adjustments (i.e., merit, across-the-board AND range adjustment).  Those in the lower parts of the scale would get larger increases than those at the higher end in this category.  The theory is that after a certain period of time there should be little difference in the pay based on longevity.
  4. The evaluation method itself is also a problem.  When there is a small pool of staff in a division, everyone seems to be outstanding.  If the raise pools are broadened, then there is a problem with consistency.  Alan Boggs reported that an electronic instrument might provide the solution.  HR will test one or more of these instruments to see if they might work.  The cost of such a program would be an important consideration.

3.  Training Opportunities for Staff

    1. The strongest need is for supervisor training. 
    2. WSU supervisors seem to be inconsistent about allowing training to occur on work time.
    3. Human Resources believes there are opportunities for partnership with the Kettering Center .
    4. Human Resources can provide in-house supervisor training but can't force attendance.


4.   Formalizing the Council's composition, format and schedule

Didn't have time to discuss this at the meeting but we will meet again in early December to discuss this.



From the Unclassified staff council minutes of 11/21/03, submitted by Susan Wehmeyer