SUMMARY 2009-2010


The WSU Staff Council considered a wide range of issues during the year, making recommendations, communicating to and from university staff, and participating in implementation. Issues considered by the Council included—

          1. Budget Cuts

          2. Capital Projects

          3. Early Separation Program

          4. Education Requirements for WSU Positions

          5. Helping Hands (Assisting Employees involved in a Tragedy)

          6. Human Resources Survey

          7. Innovation Day

          8. IRS Audit

          9. Leadership Academy for Supervisors

          10. OPERS Changes

          11. OSCHE Meetings

          12. President's Award for Excellence Committee

          13. Rec Fit Exercise Sessions

          14. Semester Conversion

          15. Separation Checklist

          16. Space Survey

          17. Staff Development Day

          18. Staff Liaison (role of)

          19. Staff Raises, including Classified Compression Increases

          20. Telecommuting

          21. University Master Plan

          22. Volunteering

          23. Wellness Program