Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 2:30 pm, in Room 248 University Hall.


Present: Council Members: George Collins, Mary Healea, Joanie Hendricks, Fran Keeley, Jacqueline Neal, Curt Pederson, Vickie Slone,

Betty Staugler, from Lake Campus, and Chris Wydman

Convener: Albert Bondurant

Guests:  Caye Elmore, Director of Budget, Budget Planning and Resource Analysis

               Tamara Jones, Director Employment Services and Human Resources Operations

     Bill Rickert, Associate Provost

     Robert Sweeney, Executive Vice President for Planning and Secretary to the Board of Trustees 

1.  Joint Cabinet and Council of Deans Meeting on September 11, 2009


Robert Sweeney was asked if there was any discussion at the Joint Cabinet and Council of Deans meeting about reorganization of the university during the time that participants in the Early Separation Program (ESP) are leaving.  He said there probably will be some reorganizing because of workflow changes, but no major shifts are anticipated.


Robert said that a total of 117 employees will be leaving the university during 2009-10:  some on September 30, some on December 31, some on March 31, and the rest on June 30.  It had originally been projected that 40 of these vacancies will not be filled.  Dr. Hopkins had talked about innovation and said that the university will emerge differently after the ESP.


Robert was asked if there was mention of combining two colleges, since several deans will also be leaving the university.  He said this has not been discussed.  The university will conduct two national searches for the deans of Education and Human Services, and Science and Mathematics.  Those positions should attract very good candidates. 

2.  Post-Separation Agreement Status


Tamara was asked about a list of positions that will be vacant as a result of the ESP.  She said only a few positions have been requested so far.  All positions are being approved by the Provost first.  Human Resources has seen a few classified positions come through, but these are being filled with displaced classified employees.


Jobs are still being abolished.  There is a list of 12 or so jobs that HR is trying to fill with displaced employees.  Bill said that Tamara is doing an incredible job of placing people into vacated positions.  The Provost’s Office is holding several positions from being posted outside the university, so that all opportunities for internal transfers can be used before hiring new employees. 


Albert asked if someone can be placed in a temporary position before it is actually vacated.  Tamara said yes, but it is very problematic to do so.  It creates timecard problems and funding problems.  Can the department afford both employees in the same position?  If so, HR will try to work with them, but it can be done for maybe one or two weeks at most.


When asked about an employee having more responsibilities when someone in their department is on leave or gone, Tamara said it is possible for the person to be paid for additional duties with working out of classification compensation.  Also internal promotions are being posted within departments. 

3.  University Budget Status


Caye Elmore said that WSU is reducing the permanent budget by $11.7M.  This reduction will affect each area and administrative unit of the university, but not across the board.  Strategic reviews were done in each area, and plans are to be submitted to the Provost by September 29, 2009.  The budget could still be cut further if there is a midyear budget reduction from the State. 


Departments will be able to negotiate the timeframe for paying back their one-time costs for those employees who signed an Early Separation Agreement, if it is necessary because the position is replaced immediately or if there are multiple persons who took the Separation Pan in a unit. 

4.  Raises for Classified and Unclassified Staff


Caye said that if there is no midyear budget reduction from the State, increases may be given to classified and unclassified staff effective in January 2010.  She said the WSU budget can be reviewed on the website of Budget Planning and Resource Analysis.  A revised budget will be added in mid-October.  If anyone has questions, email her at caye.elmore@wright.edu.


5.  Possible “Action Plan” for a WSU Employee involved in a Tragedy/ Catastrophe


Curt Pederson suggested that the university consider having an “Action Plan” for helping a member of the WSU community who is involved in a catastrophe or tragedy, such as the devastating fire in Beavercreek apartments that affected some of our students.


It was suggested that an ad hoc committee be formed to discuss the idea and to get the word out.  This would also give people in need someone to contact.  Curt said he would get a group together to research the idea.  Jacqueline Neal suggested talking to a group called Helping Hands. 

6.  Agenda Items for 2009-10 Staff Council Meetings


The following agenda items were suggested for future 2009-10 Staff Council meetings: 

a.  Continued updates on the Separation Agreements, vacated positions, and the money saved 

      from the program.

     Staff Council would like to see a breakdown within the classified staff of the salary ranges


b.  Capital Plan and future building plans for the university with Vicky Davidson, Associate

     Vice-President, Facilities Planning and Development.

c.   President’s Awards for Excellence Committee is now under Staff Council, as suggested by     

      Robert Sweeney.  Possibly some of the past recipients of the awards could serve on the

      committee.  Chris Wydman will set up a meeting with Robert after this year’s ceremony in


d.   Staff Development Day in December 2009.


Betty Staugler was asked if she had any agenda items to add from the Lake Campus, but she did not.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:43 pm. The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2009.